Month: March 2017

Board Game Reviews

Colt Express Review

Publisher: Asmodee, Ludonaute Designer: Christophe Raimbault Artist: Jordi Valbuena, Ian Parovel, Cédric Lefebvre Game Type: Programmable Movement Initial Year of Release 2014 Theme and What is it? I'll confess that when I was a boy, I had a fascination for old spaghetti westerns such as…
Board Game Reviews

Arkham Horror LCG Review

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games Designer: Nate French, Matthew Newman Artist: Zoe Robinson, Mercedes Opheim, Evan Simonet, Monica Helland, Chris Hosch Game Type: Card Drafting Initial Year of Release 2016 Theme and What is it? The employee turnover rate of investigators in early 20th century Arkham,…