Month: October 2017

Board Game Reviews

Mini Rails Review

Publisher: Moaideas Designer: Mark Gerrits Artist: Steve Tse Game Type: route building, stock holding Initial Year of Release 2017 Theme and What is It? It is a Golden Age for railroads.  Railroads are spreading rapidly and stock certificates are a hot commodity.  Three to five…
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Liberatores Preview, Pre-Essen

Publisher: Moaideas Game Design Designer: Yan Yegorov Artist: Zhen Lu Game Type: Social Deduction, Political Influence, Card Drafting, Engine Building Initial Year of Release: 2017 Theme and What is It? Veni. Vidi. Vici! Rome wasn't built in a day! I just made that phrase up,…
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Seikatsu Review

Publisher: IDW Games Designer: Matt Loomis Designer: Isaac Shalev Artist: Peter Wocken Game Type: tile placement, set collection Initial Year of Release Theme and What is It? Looking out from their respective pagodas over a shared common garden, one to four players will search for…
Board Game Reviews

Lisboa by Eagle Gryphon Games Review

Publisher: Eagle Gryphon Designer: Vital Lacerda Artist: Ian O'Toole Game Type: Euro, Resource Management, Card Drafting, Worker Placement Initial Year of Release: 2017 Theme and What is It? Lisboa has a large earthquake. The type that destroys cities. The other thing that destroys cities is…

Announcing MeepleGamers 2.0

Announcing MeepleGamers 2.0 - MeepleGamers Evolved! MeepleGamers began as a relatively small hobby site focusing primarily on board gaming.  2017 has seen it grow and evolve into a premier destination for all aspects of the hobby as MeepleGamers now provides tabletop gaming news, reviews, and…
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Downforce by Restoration Games Review

Publisher: Restoration Games Designer: Justin D. Jacobson Designer: Wolfgang Kramer Designer: Rob Daviau Artist: Tavis Coburn Artist: Michael Crampton Game Type: Racing, Blocking, Betting, Joint Worker Placement Initial Year of Release Theme and What is It? Wolfgang Kramer made a racing game nearly 40 years…