Month: November 2017

Board Game Previews

PAX Unplugged Top Ten

PAX Unplugged is a new animal. No one really knew what to expect.  There were a few fantastic releases, that would give any GenCon or Essen fanboy pause.  We spent the bulk of the convention talking to publishers, rather than gaming (though we did get…
Board Game Reviews

Mountaineers Review

Theme and What is It? The mountain stands before you.  You must survey the mountain, study the changes in terrain and note landmarks as you carefully plan your route.  Conserve your resources and consider multiple upgrades to aid you as you explore the mountain.  Will…
Board Game Reviews

Folklore: The Affliction Review

Publisher: Greenbrier Games Designer: Nick Blain Designer: Will Donovan Artist: Jason Engle Artist: Henning Ludvigsen Game Type: Cooperative, Tactical Battle, Narrative Campaign, Dungeon Crawl Initial Year of Release 2017 Theme and What is It? Evil is growing and sickness is spreading across the land.  Gather…
Board Game Reviews

Room-25: Ultimate

Theme and What is It? Have you seen the seminal hit Cube? Or maybe Cube 2: Hybpercube? Perhaps Cube Zero, or as I like to call it, Cube-cubed. If you have not seen these movies, and you enjoy a light romp with comic flair, and…
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