3 Things – Shenanigames – Review

A quick-playing, very portable, pitch-making game that I'll be keeping in my go-bag.

Kevin Billman



Theme and What is it?


Tragedy strikes and you need to make a plan for survival…with just three things!

Gameplay Mechanics


3 Things: What Will it Take to Survive, is an improv game for four or more players.  Each round, one player will serve as the Judge. The Judge will read a Survival Scenario card to the group.  Each player will then race to gather three Thing chips that they think would help them survive the given scenario.  

In turn, players will explain to the Judge how their three things will facilitate survival. The Judge awards ration tokens based on how many of the three things are deemed acceptable for helping to survive.  

Once every player has served as the Judge, the game is over and the player with the most rations is the winner. In the event of a tie, players will participate in a final round using random Things to solve a scenario.

Initial Impressions


This game caught my eye with its unique tote bag case and the stark art on the Thing chips.

Game Build Quality


3 Things comes with 55 double-sided Thing chips and 150 scoring rations of sturdy punchboard, 80 Survival Scenario cards (and two blank cards) of decent cardstock, a whistle, and the zippered canvas tote which is the game’s case.

Artistic Direction


The art in 3 Things is perfect for the intent of the game.  All of the Thing chips feature clear black and white art for items that you might be able to use to survive.

Fun Factor


This game is for those who enjoy some light improvisation and enjoy quick-playing party games.

Age Range & Weight


The box recommends ages 16+ and this is mostly related to the content of the specific scenarios, though many can work with younger players and more still could be slightly modified on the spot by a quick-thinking adult.



I usually don’t like pitching style party games, but I found 3 Things surprisingly enjoyable.  As with most games of this type, it will work best in the right group, but it’s quick and simple enough that most people should find some fun here. 

It also works just as well as an activity as it does a proper game, great for those who like the concept, but may not always have a larger playgroup.  It also serves as a great transition game between other activities or deeper games at game night. Certainly, the unique packaging is also quite nice and is perfect for throwing in an overnight bag.