A game to destroy your delicate sensibilities; Cutterland – Hobbyworld – Review

You are literally cutting the game. The box calls for scissors... The people at Hobby World are sadists... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Josh Hale



Theme and What is it?


Rarely, and I mean rarely does a game idea make me excited and cringy at the same time. Cutterland, a pixelated set collection, I Cut You Choose, game by Hobby World does both. 

Here you are a world builder, a la Simcity or Populous (for those Genesis fans in the house), and are building a world that has all sorts of nasties. Each of these nasties have different scoring mechanics, that ultimately will either help you win, or give you a devastating defeat. 

I have to say… the fun here was not on my radar. It should have been.

Gameplay Mechanics


You get 3 4×3 cards, each randomized to have different baddies on them. You have to cut the pieces to be given to the person to the left, in an I-cut-you-choose, mechanic.

This game, however, takes that to the next level. You are literally cutting the game. The box calls for scissors… The people at Hobby World are sadists… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Each different baddy is scored at the end of the game in different manners. The Krakens score depending on how much they eat. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

The centaur scores depending on how much grassland it has. The goblins score is multiplied depending on how many goblins are in the same area. You get the point, the rusty scissor point.

Initial Impressions


When I was told about Cuttlerland, I immediately detested Hobby World, in a loving manner of course. 

The game makes my belly hurt. Why must I cut my game??? You people have a demented sense of humor. I love you.

Each cut felt horribly gratifying. It brings me a tear even now. I knew I had to get this game to the table.

Game Build Quality


The game is paperstock and cardboard stock, with a nice box. This ain’t rocket science. 

You are going to cut up your game. So, they made it with as much quality as they could, before you would curse them for destroying a nicer game. 

The game build is exactly as it should be for this sacrilege. They did a great job!

Artistic Direction


Pixel art. Because. That is what you do.

In all seriousness, the art here is absolutely on point and perfect for the play style. 

I love the box art, and the game conveyed the scoring mechanics perfectly. The towers did make scoring a bit clumsy, but I am not sure how to fix it.

Beyond that, I am a huge fan of what they did with the art.

Fun Factor


This ultimately depends on your sense of anal-retentiveness. I know most games will get played less than 10 times in their lifetime in a family library for collectors. For that reason, the cutting did not bother me personally.

However, I can see where some people will be devastated. Some people should never play legacy games, no matter how much they would enjoy the game, because it hurts too bad. 

Those people know who they are, the rest of you should find this game delightful. 

Age Range & Weight


10+. My 8-year-old could easily play this game and learn the scoring mechanics. I don’t know how well she would do with the score multipliers and such. 

However, I know she would delight in cutting the cards. So, I can EASILY see a family falling in love with this game. 



This is one of my highest scores I have given in a LONG time. The art had a couple of flaws that made scoring a bit messy. Beyond that, for my play-style, I REALLY enjoyed Cutterland. I even enjoyed cutting, despite the fact that it made my tummy hurt. 

We need more games that destroy themselves. Because why not? I know this is counter-intuitive to every collector out there. But it gives an experience you cannot find in other games. 

It has been brought to my attention that you could feasibly save cut pieces and put in blind draw bags. Whether it is practicable or not, I will let you decide. 

I myself might just buy two, as this game makes my top shelf with EASE.