A Girl Obsessed with Dragons – A Miniature Painting Story – Part V

Join me for the conclusion to A Girl Obsessed With Dragons - A Miniature Painting Story!

Mary Crabtree


I hate to follow up from Part IV. My brother is such a good writer and artist that it will be hard to top!  If you have not had a chance to read Parts I-IV, the links are below.

This will be the last article on the Mythic Games Legendary Dragon. I hope you have enjoyed this series and please comment if you would like to see more stories/articles like this one.

The Base

After my brother did such an excellent job with the facial detail and shading, I found a grey Apple Barrel paint to use on the castle underneath the dragon. I then used Apple Barrel Nutmeg Brown for the muddy look around it.

For the texture around the base, I winged it! I have never watched videos or had a tutorial on how to flock or using basing material on a mini. I just did what I thought made sense.

A friend of mine gave me some sand material and the little grass tufts (Army Painter). I super glued the tufts in various places. Then brushed superglue onto the base (use an old paintbrush!) and sprinkled sand over it. I shook off the excess. I kept doing this until it was all covered and around the tufts. I did not like how the sand looked next to the muddy base so I painted over all of it! I think it turned out great. What do you think?


Most people use inks to finish up the detail on miniatures. I, however, have a different method. My friend taught me this in the beginning and it has just stuck with me because it is so easy to manage and create.

I have tried to use the Army Painter inks, and it went badly. It dries fast, and I probably was not doing it right. For, now I use what my friend calls “The Wonder Wash”.

It is Pledge Floor Care Finish mixed with paint. To make, use a small jar and fill it with the Pledge. Then, choose the color of the wash you want and put 5-10 drops of paint in it. Shake it really well and then let it sit for a minute so the bubbles settle. This Pledge is an acrylic finish for hardwood floors. It is safe to use.

After the bubbles settle, paint this over the mini. It will drip over the mini and create “pools” in all the crevices. This makes the detail POP. Use another paintbrush to dry up the pools that are thicker.

Most of the time, I only use one color wash for the entire miniature. But, with this large dragon, I used three different colors. I used green on the body and wings of the dragon, then a blue over the top of the face and spine. I finished up the base with a black wash. You can see the major difference in before and after with this wash.

What turned out neat on the dragon is I used the black wash first on the castle part. Then, when I washed the dragon green, some of this wash dripped onto the castle and it created a “mossy” look. I like how this turned out.

Final Touch

Once I finish painting, I always top it off with a final coat. I am sure there are better options out there but my friend taught me to use Krylon Clear Matte. I think it looks fine, so that is what I use. It is economical and does not look bad. 

I know that Tester makes a good one and you will find it at craft stores in the model airplane/car sections.

With any final coat, I do not recommend spraying it outdoors if there is humidity. I did this once, and it was one time too many. It completely frosted the miniature, and I had to strip it and redo it.

So, be careful! I now do it inside. I now have my make shift alternative. I have a box that I have removed the bottom and top. I turn it on its side and keep the opening at an open window and then spray out the window. This keeps the spray out of your home.


This was a really pleasurable experience for both my brother and myself. Overall, it took us three evenings to complete it, which is not too bad. Either of us could have handled it on our own but considering the size of the “miniature” and that we only had one, we both wanted to be apart.

It was not too difficult to paint except for how to hold it sometimes. It is so large that you can visibly see most areas to paint. Now that I have this under my belt, I should be able to tackle those Arcadia Quest dragons with no issue! I have a long way to go with that series!