TABLETOP TWOSDAY – Air, Land, & Sea – Arcane Wonders – Review

Everything about Air, Land, and Sea is perfect…art, quality, time commitment, theme, size, depth of strategy, and FUN!

Heather Swanson



Theme and What is it?


This is a card game with a World War II feel.  Two players are trying to gain control of the air, land, and sea through tactical maneuvers.  If you gain control of two out of three battle spaces you claim the victory for the round.

Gameplay Mechanics


There are 18 cards in the deck but players are only dealt 6 each round.  Air, Land, and Sea cards must be played in the appropriate battle space.  I mean, come on, who ever heard of a tank flying through the sky?

Well, there are some unusual exceptions in this game.  Sometimes, cards can be played face down regardless of the medium they are supposed to fight in.  Card abilities also change things up on occasion. 

The way it works, just when you think you have the upper hand over your enemy, they pull some amazing move that blows everything you had hoped for out of the water (or air, or land).

There are point values on the cards.  At the end of a round these are added up in each battle space to determine the victor.  The player with control over two areas will gain 6 points.

But wait, there is more!  If you can see you are not going to be able to win you can choose to withdraw from the battle.  Doing so means your opponent will still gain victory points but not as many.  The earlier you withdraw, the less points they earn.  The war is over when someone reaches 12 points.

Initial Impressions


The box didn’t get me all excited to play.  I’m not much of a military history buff.  I also had a bias that small card games would be boring.

Once inside the box I was impressed with the art and interested in how the game played.  I began to wonder how just 18 cards could make a game.  My interest was piqued.

Game Build Quality


The cards in this game are great.  There are larger cards for the Land, Air, and Sea theaters.  They are just the right size to place two cards side by side.  This allows for a face down pile and a face up pile in each area.

There are victory points made of thick cardboard.  These didn’t have to be there since players can keep track of the score on paper but it is a nice touch.  It just adds a bit of spiff to the whole game.

Artistic Direction


The art is fantastic in this game!  I just love the style.  There are 18 battle cards and 3 theater cards and one of the images is repeated three times.  That is fine.  Everything looks great.

Fun Factor


This game really exceeded my expectations.  It is so deep!  I am amazed at how they can put so much of a game in so few cards.  Things can take completely unexpected changes as you play.  It is a complete delight.

Age Range & Weight


This game is rated for ages 14 and up.  That age range is spot on.  This is a heady game!  You really need to think your strategy through.  Younger kids are going to miss that depth. 

There are only 6 cards per person per round and the game is simple enough to learn.  However, there can be so many twists and turns it’s baffling.  This happens through card powers that are instant or permanent.



I am in love with this game.  This goes right up there on my favorite 2-player game list.  Everything about Air, Land, and Sea is perfect…art, quality, time commitment, theme, size, depth of strategy, and FUN!