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Jeremiah & Kara Clark

Shortly after we got married we were introduced by our next door neighbors to designer board games. And we were immediately hooked! Since then we’ve been able to play hundreds of different games over the years, and we still can’t get enough. It’s been great having a hobby that we can both share together, and it’s a blast to explore all the different types of games, especially since we each have our own unique tastes in games.
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Wayward- IDW Games – Review

Facebook Twitter Instagram Wayward is a medium-lightweight cooperative game with a lot of really cool ideas. Unfortunately, those ideas seem to be underdeveloped. Jeremiah & Kara MeepleGamers  6/10 Publisher: IDW...

Welcome to Dino World – Alley Cat Games – Review

Facebook Twitter Instagram Welcome to Dino World is a great little roll-and-write, but don’t be fooled by the small box and cutesy artwork – this game is...

Root – Leder Games – Review

Facebook Twitter Instagram I think Root may be one of the most creative games in existence today. The level of asymmetry involved is mind boggling, but it...

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Top 10 Player Pawns

One of those rare moments where we put on...

Top 10 games that did Roll and Move right

 no three words are spoken with more disdain than...
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