Author: Kevin Billman

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Mountaineers Review

Theme and What is It? The mountain stands before you.  You must survey the mountain, study the changes in terrain and note landmarks as you carefully plan your route.  Conserve your resources and consider multiple upgrades to aid you as you explore the mountain.  Will…
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Folklore: The Affliction Review

Publisher: Greenbrier Games Designer: Nick Blain Designer: Will Donovan Artist: Jason Engle Artist: Henning Ludvigsen Game Type: Cooperative, Tactical Battle, Narrative Campaign, Dungeon Crawl Initial Year of Release 2017 Theme and What is It? Evil is growing and sickness is spreading across the land.  Gather…
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Mini Rails Review

Publisher: Moaideas Designer: Mark Gerrits Artist: Steve Tse Game Type: route building, stock holding Initial Year of Release 2017 Theme and What is It? It is a Golden Age for railroads.  Railroads are spreading rapidly and stock certificates are a hot commodity.  Three to five…
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Seikatsu Review

Publisher: IDW Games Designer: Matt Loomis Designer: Isaac Shalev Artist: Peter Wocken Game Type: tile placement, set collection Initial Year of Release Theme and What is It? Looking out from their respective pagodas over a shared common garden, one to four players will search for…

Announcing MeepleGamers 2.0

Announcing MeepleGamers 2.0 - MeepleGamers Evolved! MeepleGamers began as a relatively small hobby site focusing primarily on board gaming.  2017 has seen it grow and evolve into a premier destination for all aspects of the hobby as MeepleGamers now provides tabletop gaming news, reviews, and…