Author: Kevin Billman

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Gearworks Review

Publisher: Piecekeeper Games Game Type: Card Placement, Area Control Designer: Kirk Dennison Initial Year of Release: 2018 Artist: Sheryl Chieng, Yorgo Manis, Jason Flack Theme and What is it? Gearworks finds you in your workshop, tinkering on various clockwork contraptions. ¬†Careful placement of gear cards…
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Harvest Dice Review

Publisher: Grey Fox Games Game Type: Roll & Write, Drafting, Set Collection Designer: Danny Devine Initial Year of Release: 2017 Artist: Danny Devine Artist: Tyler Myatt Theme and What is It? You are a farmer, managing the crops in your garden and fattening up your…
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Wordsy Review

Publisher: Formal Ferret Games Game Type: Word Building Designer: Gil Hova Initial Year of Release: 2017 Artist: Scott Hartman Theme and What is It? Wordsy is a game of longer words. ¬†How many of the letters can you use to maximize your scores? ¬†How wordsy…