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Jordan Macnab

I wouldn't like to say board gaming is life... But... Well, ya know! I love playing, reviewing and previewing board games of all types as often as physically possible.
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Lewis and Clark – Ludonaute – Review

"Lewis & Clark literally takes you on a trip up a river" Jordan Macnab Tweet Publisher: Ludonaute Designer: Cedrick Chaboussit Artist: Vincent Dutrait Game Type: Racing, Hand Building, Worker Placement,...

UK Games Expo – Preview

"Now in its 13th Year, UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the largest Hobby Games Convention in the UK. A fun event appealing to families...

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Top 10 Player Pawns

One of those rare moments where we put on...

Top 10 games that did Roll and Move right

 no three words are spoken with more disdain than...
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