FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Bad Medicine & 2nd Opinion Expansion – Formal Ferret Games – Review


Bad Medicine is a great party game...for the right group. The group will need to have a few people who are fine with putting themselves out there in front of everyone and being overly silly.




Theme and What is it?


This is your big chance. You have been working with a development team to create the next huge pharmaceutical breakthrough. It is now time to take all of your research to the board of directors for approval. You have figured out a name and know what malady the drug will treat and its side effects. You also know that you will need to downplay those, nobody really cares about the side effects. Plus, once the drug is on the market, the company can develop a drug to counteract the side effects and make even more money! Win-win for your gigantic pharmaceutical conglomerate. 

Bad Medicine is a party game for 3-8 players.

Gameplay Mechanics


Bad Medicine can be played as everyone vs. everyone or it can be a team game. I will focus on the team aspect because my group enjoyed that way to play. The goal of the game is to make up the best pharmaceutical drug and do a quick presentation on why it is the best choice to go to market next.

Teams are made up of two players. One player acts as the researcher who creates the drug, names it, determines what it treats and identifies side effects. The researcher does this by taking the six cards that were dealt to the team. Each card has part of the drug name, a condition to treat and a side effect. With the six cards, three of them become the name of the drug, two describe the condition the drug will treat and a single card will list the side effect. These cards are placed upside down in that order in front of the person doing the presentation. Now it is time for the presentation. The presenter flips over the three cards to let everyone know the name of the drug. They then flip over the two cards that describe what the drug treats and finally they reveal the single card with the side effect.

After each group has finished their presentation, they each vote on their favorite and award them with chips. The roles are changed for each team and a new round begins. After three rounds the team with the most chips wins!

The 2nd Opinion expansion adds tons of new cards to the game. It also adds complications to the game. These cards compound the problem that the drug treats.

Initial Impressions


After going through the rules and the two ways to play, my group decided that the team option would be more fun and it allowed more people to play. It was easy to teach the rules and get everyone ready to play. We were lucky that we had some really fun players that were able to make things up right on the spot. I believe that this is very important to make the game entertaining. Bad Medicine is designed to be silly and the more the players allow themselves to devote to silliness, the more everyone will laugh. 

I thought that three rounds might be too many and that people might get bored with it, but I was wrong. We were still going strong in round three and by then most players had abandoned any reservations they had and were allowing themselves to enjoy the game.

Game Build Quality


The quality of Bad Medicine is what you would expect for a card game. The cards are well produced and made to be handled. There should not be any issues with lots of use. The chips that are handed out are on the cheap side, but they serve their purpose. Box is great. That is all there is. 

There is not really any artwork in Bad Medicine. There is some graphic design for the box and the card layout, but other than that you won’t find anything. After thinking about it, I am totally alright with that. I don’t want to see some of the things that are described on the cards. No way.

Fun Factor


What made Bad Medicine such a stellar experience was the laughs. The whole table was busting up during the whole game. We had a great group playing that were quick witted and were coming up with some fantastic presentations. This is exactly what Bad Medicine was designed for, getting people together and giving them an opportunity to enjoy their time together. 

Age Range & Weight


Bad Medicine is recommended for 16+. That is a very fair evaluation. We played with all adults and everyone was comfortable making jokes that we wouldn’t say around youngsters. Although the topics on the cards do not seem to be adult focused (I admit I have not looked at all of them), the group can quickly turn it to adult topics. 

If you do want to play with younger players, I would just make sure they feel comfortable and that the rest of the group knows how to keep everything age appropriate. We all have that weird uncle who doesn’t know how to do that, so just don’t invite that guy to kid games…or maybe anything.



Bad Medicine is a great party game…for the right group. The group will need to have a few people who are fine with putting themselves out there in front of everyone and being overly silly. That is the best way to make the rest of the group feel comfortable. Once everyone is onboard, then there is no looking back and lots of laughs and memories will be created.