Belfort – TMG – Review

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"Belfort is a multi-mechanism powerhouse!"

Rachael Blaske

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Theme and What is it?


Belfort is a fantastical town of the middle ages where you are commissioned to build a prosperous city. Each district can show your influence if you so choose. 

Your mythical minions do your bidding and do their best to make you the best builder in this worker placement, area control game where you manage the cards drafted to make skillfully timed decisions.

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Gameplay Mechanics


Belfort is a multi-mechanism powerhouse!

Players recruit their crew of loyal Elves and Dwarves to perform tasks like collecting the money and building resources needed to construct buildings in the five districts that make up the city to earn majority points. Drafted properties come with unique abilities and gnomes can unlock additional bonus. Utilizing the city’s five powerful Guild abilities activated by Elf or Dwarf worker placement also play a big part in achieving victory.

A player’s influence in each district grows with each new building he constructs; players will have to decide not only what type of building to construct, but also when is the most effective time to do so, and where it should be built.

Points are awarded three times during the game, based on each player’s influence in each of the five districts and among the Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes. At the end of seven rounds, the player who has earned the most points will win!

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Initial Impressions


I had heard great things about this game from friends and their explanation of how Belfort is an elegant, multi-mechanism game that will stay in their lifetime top ten.

I must say, with that glowing of a recommendation, my interest was piqued.

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Game Build Quality


Components are excellent quality and the elves and dwarves utilized both sides of the token to signify upgraded abilities. There are player aids everywhere!

Every “station” was well marked. The most interesting part for me was the pentagon board that assembles with triangles pieced together. 

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Artistic Direction


Belfort has a vibrant color palette that really pulls you into the medieval fantasy theme, but has certain anachronistic elements on the elves, dwarves and gnomes like almost steampunk types of sunglasses. 

The cartoonish look is super cute and keeps it very approachable.

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Fun Factor


We definitely enjoyed the competitive aspect and blocked each other out often in the guild halls. 

It’s a highly interactive game in my opinion so there was plenty of trash talk and an overall air of shenanigans.

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Age Range & Weight


A 12+ age on the box is accurate and would stretch most kids out of their comfort zone so best to keep it in the teens and up.

I would classify this as some mid to heavy cardboard.

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I know I said this before, but…
Belfort is a multi-mechanism powerhouse!

A top 500 game that has stood the test of time, Belfort is a thinky strategy game that I will evangelize all day long. This is a main event that your game night crowd will really sink their teeth into.