Bllox – Mobi Games – Review

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I think the fun in this game comes from the variations.  The team and solo cards make a simple stacking exercise challenging and, in some cases, funny.  

Heather Swanson

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Theme and What is it?


Bllox is a game of skill and dexterity for solo, versus, and team play.  Cards indicate what formation or order blocks should be stacked.  To make things more challenging, additional cards are included to change the way the building takes place.

Gameplay Mechanics


The rules are very simple!  Stack the blocks in the correct order.  Do it fast and you get to snatch the card on the table before other players.

If you are playing by yourself there are a stack of cards for solo play.  These give you suggestions to challenge yourself.  Perhaps you should try stacking the blocks on a body part?  Or, how about banning thumbs from the game?

I can see the game getting silly with certain groups.  That is because there is a team mode as well.  A whole stack of cards makes whacky suggestions on how to have fun through team challenges.  How about talking your team member through stacking while their eyes are closed?

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Initial Impressions


The blocks are very aesthetically pleasing.  The bright colors and attractive finishes are pleasant to play with.  The looks drew me in.


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Game Build Quality


Everything from the box to the blocks and cards are excellent quality.  I like that the Stacky Pack deck of cards is a bit larger than the team and solo cards.  It helps them stand out.

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Artistic Direction


There isn’t any art going on in Bllox.  There are little symbols on the blocks which are a nice touch.  The simple colors and contrast are appealing.

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Fun Factor


I think the fun in this game comes from the variations.  The team and solo cards make a simple stacking exercise challenging and, in some cases, funny.  

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Age Range & Weight


This game is listed as being a 6+ game but I say it can go to a much younger age.  If you are using the base game of stacking blocks it could be done by toddlers.  Some cards only have 2 or 3 blocks on them that need to be stacked.

There is going to be more challenge with the team or solo cards.  It doesn’t not raise the weight of this game.  It is a straight forward stack-the-blocks set of rules.

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I’m not sure I see this as much of a game.  I can see it being used as a filler or to help young children with dexterity.  However, I think this game might be funny in team mode after a few adult beverages.

I have played with my kids and I have to go really slow and let them win.  There is no way they can compete with me.  So, it isn’t fun for mom.

When my 3 kids play against each other it turns into a screaming match.  Their ages put them at all different skill levels.  The younger kid in a match always loses.  

I can’t say that Bllox will get a lot of use in our house.  That isn’t to say there isn’t a time and place for this.  I think as an office challenge or teen party game it might be nice.  Truth be told, I still want to see my friends trying the team challenges while being a little tipsy.