Board Game Previews

Vast – Expansion Previews

What's New in the Crystal Caverns? Accompanying the new second edition of the base game are two new retail products for expanding Vast - The Crystal Caverns.  First is Vast - The Miniatures Expansion, a component upgrade pack.  The second, Vast - The Fearsome Foes,…

Master’s Trials by AEG

A great evil has enveloped the earth in the form of an ancient darkness, and his minions. He plans on destroying everything, including calling you late for dinner, and making the milk in your refrigerator sour.

Zendo by Looney Labs Review

Some abstract games attempt to channel your inner Zen, or pretend to be a battle between two warring parties. Some don’t do that, they just rely on good gameplay. Zendo does both, or has done both.

PAX Unplugged Top Ten

PAX Unplugged is a new animal. No one really knew what to expect.  There were a few fantastic releases, that would give any GenCon or Essen fanboy pause.  We spent the bulk of the convention talking to publishers, rather than gaming (though we did get…

Mountaineers Review

Theme and What is It? The mountain stands before you.  You must survey the mountain, study the changes in terrain and note landmarks as you carefully plan your route.  Conserve your resources and consider multiple upgrades to aid you as you explore the mountain.  Will…

PAX Unplugged Preview

1 2 3 The Penny Arcade Expo Unplugged, otherwise known as PAX Unplugged or even PAXU is the new con targeting board gaming, or the table top gaming world. PAX started in 2005 by the creators of the web comic Penny Arcade. Penny Arcade was…

Liberatores Preview, Pre-Essen

Publisher: Moaideas Game Design Designer: Yan Yegorov Artist: Zhen Lu Game Type: Social Deduction, Political Influence, Card Drafting, Engine Building Initial Year of Release: 2017 Theme and What is It? Veni. Vidi. Vici! Rome wasn't built in a day! I just made that phrase up,…

Downforce by Restoration Games Review

Publisher: Restoration Games Designer: Justin D. Jacobson Designer: Wolfgang Kramer Designer: Rob Daviau Artist: Tavis Coburn Artist: Michael Crampton Game Type: Racing, Blocking, Betting, Joint Worker Placement Initial Year of Release Theme and What is It? Wolfgang Kramer made a racing game nearly 40 years…
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