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Board Game Previews

SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY – Galactic Era – Seajay Games – Preview

Facebook Twitter Instagram I have never had a smoother read of a rulebook for a game this complex.   Joseph SummaMeepleGamers  10/10 Publisher: Seajay Games Designer: Channing Jones Artist: Diego Sanchez Game Type:...

SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY – Talisman: Kingdom Hearts – The OP – Preview

Facebook Twitter Instagram Of all the countless Talisman variants, skins, and expansions this is the one I can easily recommend the most. Joseph Summa MeepleGamers  9/10 Publisher: The OP Designer: Robert...

Omerta – Helvetiq – Preview

Facebook Twitter Instagram  9/10 Theme and What is it? Facebook Twitter Instagram  9/10 Omerta brings players to life as infamous prohibition gangsters.  Alas, your alliances with other mobs is all for...


Facebook Twitter Instagram Players need to decide when to invest water into higher level heroes, when to burn discard pile resources to recycle...

Rolled West – Tasty Minstrel Games – Preview

Facebook Twitter Instagram This game will definitely make my smaller game shelf. Besides, who can say no to a roll and write that is future proof? Josh Hale MeepleGamers ...

Paranormal Detectives – Lucky Duck Games – Preview

Facebook Twitter Instagram The living are so frustrating... Josh Hale MeepleGamers  8.7/10 Publisher: Lucky Duck Designer: Szymon Maliński Designer: Adrian Orzechowski Designer: Marcin Łączyński Artist: JocArt Artist: Mateusz Komada Artist: Katarzyna Kosobucka Game Type: Deduction Game Type: Murder...

SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY – Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy Roll and Write – Adam’s Apple Games, LLC – Preview

Facebook Twitter Instagram I was watching the BGG game demos on Twitch during Gen Con and saw this game demoed. Roll-and-writes are all...

SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY – Rome & Roll – PSC Games – Preview

Rome & Roll, the most out of this world in terms of difficulty roll and write that exists.

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