Boomerang – Grail Games – Review

If you love card-drafting and roll-and-write games, then you should grab this game immediately!

Mary Crabtree



Theme and What is it?


From the designer of the Tiny Epic games, Grail Games brings to your table Boomerang!

Boomerang has a card-drafting mechanic mixed with a roll-and-write mechanic except for there are no dice! I guess you could call it a card-and-write? But, that doesn’t have a nice ring to it as it should!

In Boomerang, referred by the publisher as the “come-back-again” card game, players are traveling the outback of Australia sight-seeing and collecting souvenirs. Will the cards you want to see again return to you?

Gameplay Mechanics



Each player takes a map of Australia and a pencil. Shuffle all 28 cards.


You play the game over five rounds. During each round, players are drafting cards to score in several categories.

There four steps in a round:

  1. Deal seven cards to each player. When playing with less than four players, there will be cards leftover.
  1. Each player selects their Throw card. You will play this card face down so it is hidden from the other players. The goal is to score a “Catch” at the end of the round. The last card played in the round becomes the Catch card. I will explain this in more detail below.
  1. Players pass and draft cards. After selecting the Throw Card, players pass the hand of cards to the left and then draft a second card. You will play this card and all remaining cards in the round face-up. Play continues this way until all cards are drafted.
  1. Players now score the round. There are five scoring categories:

Throw & Catch: If your Catch card is equal to or higher than your Throw Card, you will gain the points listed in the Boomerang on your Throw Card. For example, playing a 1 Boomerang is a guarantee, but is only worth 1 point.

Tourist Sites: For each location visited, cross off the letter on your map. At the end of the game, you will receive 1 point for each location visited. Also, the map of Australia is divided into seven regions. If you are the first player to visit all locations in a region, you receive the region’s +3 bonus. Announce this to all the players and circle the bonus star and all other players will cross the bonus star out.

Collections: Many of the cards will have a green icon on it showing things you can collect. There are five different things to collect varying from 1 to 5 points. Add up the values of all the green icons and write this total in the first available square in the Collections row on your sheet. There is a catch though. In future rounds, you can only log a new score for collections if it is higher than the previous round. If it is not higher, write 0 in the next available spot. Then, the next round beat zero.

Animals: For each pair of animals (yellow symbols) you have drafted, score the points on that animal. Mark this on the next available square in the Animal Row on your sheet.

Activities: You MAY score activities. You only have four opportunities to score these, so one round, you may opt to skip. These are the blue icons and each round, you will want to collect the same activity to score the most points. You can only score each type of activity once.

Play continues this way until you have completed five rounds. All players add up each categories scores and then add them to make a grand total. The highest score wins!

Initial Impressions


Roll-and-Writes are all the rage right now in the gaming community and they are just as much all the rage with me. I also love card-drafting. When I saw this description on BGG: Boomerang could be described as a card-drafting game (like 7 Wonders or Sushi Go!) mixed with a roll-and-write game (like Yahtzee or Qwixx), I was sold.

Game Build Quality


There is not much to the components. There is a score pad and cards. I liked that they included pencils. Some roll-and-write games do not. The cards are of good quality.

Artistic Direction


The artwork is lacking in this game. It is lacking because there isn’t any. There are photographs of locations on the cards but everything else is clip art.

Fun Factor


The level of fun depends on who you play with. I understood what was going on from the start and had a great first round. The other two players confused a rule and would have done things a little different. In the end, they both said they just don’t enjoy drafting. However, they both will play 7 Wonders and Sushi Go!and enjoy it. So, I just ignored them. The game is fun. And I would have played it again even if I had not won. Just make sure you play with those that don’t pout when they lose! Sometimes my players seem to only like a game the first time around if they win and it is dumb.

Age Range & Weight


I would say the difficulty is about the same as Sushi Go!with just the added writing on the map sheet. The publisher suggests 10+ for age and that could probably go a little lower. If you can play Sushi Go!, you can play this.



I LOVED THIS GAME!!! It has two mechanics that most players enjoy. It is a bit longer than a filler but is a great game to play in between longer games, anyway.

Although there is no artwork, I did not feel it took away from the game at all. The cards came off with a “mappish” look to make it feel like you were traveling. The icons looked like what you may find on signs in a park or zoo.

If you love card-drafting and roll-and-write games, then you should grab this game immediately!