TABLETOP TWOSDAY – Bosk – Floodgate Games – Review

If you are looking for an easy-going quick game that looks beautiful then Bosk is well worth a try

Jordan Macnab



Theme and What is it?


Bosk is a fundamental game about building a forest…

Ok, so that’s a slightly simplistic way of describing it but Bosk really does take some very simple elements and makes a very a peacefully fun game that’s simple to pick but challenging to master.

Let’s talk about it.

Gameplay Mechanics


While playing Bosk you will need to do a couple of things in a specific order. In the first phase of the game you and the other players take turns placing trees around the board in any location you like but while trying to touch as much of the board as possible for scoring purposes.

In the next phase you will then use a wind gauge to determine which way the wind is blowing and then place leaves in the direction the wind is blowing in relation to each tree you have previously set. You have a little squirrel friend that you can place in position around the board to stop players from covering your leaves but that is really the only form of defence you have against other players covering your leaves with their own.

The more leaves you have on display in each area of the board the more points you get at the end of the game.

Initial Impressions


This is a beautifully simple game and I’ll be honest I was drawn in by the tree standees alone. I wasn’t sure how the game played or even what kind of game it was before getting into it but I was pleasantly surprised.

Game Build Quality


One of the main draws for Bosk is the tree standees and they are fantastic quality. The card stock is a high grade, and everything feels sturdy and substantial. The individually shaped leaves is a very nice touch too.

Artistic Direction


Each player type is easily distinguishable by the autumnal colours and the shape of the trees. The board is set out in grids but the artwork in the background is very thematic and the water colour design compliments the peaceful nature of the game.

Fun Factor


I must be honest, Bosk reminds me of games like Tokaido in the sense that they are a fun walk down a road or through a forest but there isn’t a lot to it. It seemed like we had only just started playing Bosk before it was suddenly finished. This, of course, isn’t always a bad thing. It means it is not a “night killer” and can be used if you just want something quick to play… I just expected something a bit more substantial.

Age Range & Weight


13+ is maybe an over estimate in my humble opinion. There is no text to worry about for small kids and there are no threatening or abusive themes that would put parents off when it comes to kids. I’m fairly certain I could teach Bosk to my 9-year-old.

The timescale of 20-40 minutes is very accurate. 40 Minutes for a first play and 20 minutes for every play through after that depending on player count. It’s a very quick game once you get to grips with the rules which doesn’t take long at all.



I hope this hasn’t come across as a negative review based on my Fun Factor section. I thoroughly enjoyed Bosk but you have to understand what kind of game it is. There is no player conflict of any kind and minimal player interaction. Bosk is a very simple area majority game that plays very quickly but also it is very easy to teach and potentially challenging to master.

If you are looking for an easy-going quick game that looks beautiful then Bosk is well worth a try.