Boss Monster: Rise Of The Minibosses by Brotherwise Games – Review


Boss Monster: Rise of the Mini Bosses is a great addition to the Boss Monster universe. 




Theme and What is it?


The heroes are getting smarter and more powerful. It is making bad guys throughout all the underground dungeons shake in fear. It is time to find a way to combat these new powerful goodie-two-shoes. It is time to create the Mini Boss. Now heroes will have to face a watered-down version of the final boss at some random point in the dungeon. Allow these Mini Bosses to wear down the heroes and then the main boss can destroy them in truly evil fashion. 

Boss Monster: Rise of the Mini Bosses is a stand-alone expansion for the base game.

What does it add?


There are some great additions with the Mini Boss expansion. First and foremost are the Mini Bosses. These cards allow the dungeons to gain strength quickly and the Mini Bosses can power up for special abilities. This added strength is much appreciated since the heroes are all tougher. Some of the Epic Heroes seem almost impossible to beat without the proper dungeon setup.

There are all new Dungeon and Spell cards. New Heroes and new Bosses. So, you should see my theme of newness.

What does it fix/ break?

I don’t feel like it fixes or breaks anything with the way the original Boss Monster played. Heroes get tougher so the Bosses need to have more dungeon strength. It is a natural progression in video games and translates perfectly to a card game.

Do I want this?


I love Boss Monster. I have all of the core sets and the mini expansions. I love the 8-bit art. I love being the bad guys and trying to take down the good guys. So being able to have more of something I totally love is a complete want. 

Do I need this?


How do you justify needing another game? When it is something from the Boss Monster series, it becomes way easier to call it a need. Is it up there with air, water and love type of need? Maybe only one step below those things, but still towards the higher end of the hierarchy of needs.

If you are a fan of Boss Monster you will need to pick up the Mini Boss expansion. 



Boss Monster: Rise of the Mini Bosses is a great addition to the Boss Monster universe. There is still plenty of meanness that runs through all the Boss Monster games and the new heroes make it a challenge to survive. But with the help of the Mini Bosses, you have a better shot of collecting heroes’ souls.