Camp by Education Outdoors Review

Theme and What is it?

MeepleGamers regularly attend trade shows and conventions. Part of that allows us to see some products that are not always in the spotlight, due to having different audiences than shows like GenCon, Origins, or PAX unplugged.

This is where I found CAMP and Education Outdoors. The companies owner is a great guy, who loves the outdoors, and regularly can be seen wearing a fishing vest. He is a guy you should know.  Which brings us to CAMP, a family trivia game, that as the tagline says, is made to grow with the player. The subject matter is all what I would describe as Boy Scout information.

Gameplay Mechanics

This is a roll, move and possibly get a question game. Not rocket science by today’s standards of game mechanics. But, it also doesn’t need to be, because it works to slowly teach outdoor education material to younger players and challenge those old birds that have been outside since their youths. The real crux of this game is the trivia allowing for players of all ages to enjoy it.

Initial Impressions

Trivia is not normally a game system that I get terribly excited about. That being said, I very much like the idea that there is an “adult” game, that I can play with my child. She is 6, and most of the games I want to play, she could not really grasp quite yet.

This bridges that divide, and for that reason it piqued my interest.

Game Build Quality

The trivia cards are made so that they are question and answer, and you need a decoder window, to see which answer is right. I tend to think of it like the decoder ring in Christmas Story, quite different and lacks ads for Ovaltine, but I just like the phrase decoder ring, and this is a functional equivalent.

The build is quite nice, and the board is functional. The real star of CAMP is the trivia cards.

Artistic Direction

CAMP does not seem to be overly worried about it’s artistic direction. It feels like a campy setting, and feels like my father saying “why do you need artistic direction, it is a camp trivia game?” For me, this area lacks a bit of depth, but is again, functional.

Fun Factor

I knew it was fun for my daughter when she wanted to play it multiple times. She does not do that often. It scratches an itch that I was not aware she had.

Age Range & Weight

The game says 4 to 99, and I think that is accurate. Anyone can answer questions, and this makes doing that interesting.


If you’re a parent, that wants to play games with your children, but don’t want to try to always teach them something new and more difficult, CAMP may be for you. The game just plays well, and allows for adults to have a more meaningful interaction with the game then you could do in a child’s game.

Although my group would not probably choose to play CAMP regularly, my daughter would, and the group will just have to learn some new outdoorsy facts. Facts never hurt anyone.