Carpool Karaoke Game – Big G Creative – Review

Challenge your friends and sing your heart out with this karaoke game!

Mark Gillham



Theme and What is it?


Late Late night talk show host James Corden created a television segment where he drove around with celebrities. During these segments, he interviews and performs parts of that guests music catalogs with these guests. A fast game for 3 players in more to allow party gamers to enjoy karaoke while staying in the comfort of your home or even in the car.

Gameplay Mechanics


Set up is fairly quick, set up the spinner in the middle of the teams and set all scoreboards to 1 point. Pick a song for everyone to warm up to and sing away. The team with the player who has the next birthday goes first. Each team will also be given a “Share It” chip that can be played.
Teams will have a song prepared to play and perform. The active team will flick the spinner and perform one of the four actions that the arrow lands. 

The four actions are: Sing It, Work It, Guess It, Rock It. Each action is worth a certain amount of points and the actions are different for each one.
Sing It allows the active team to challenge another team to a singing competition with a twist. Most of the Sing It actions say to sing your chosen song in the style of a certain perform (i.e. sing it in the style of Michael Jackson/Beyonce/Adele/Tupac.) Performers will agree how much of the song to perform. The winner of the duel will be selected by the teams of players not involved in the performance. Winning the duel will get your team 4 points. 

Work It has the active team duel another team on a song just like in Sing It, however your incorporating the dance moves listed on the card into your performance. Example would be work your favorite CrossFit moves into the performance. Voting occurs just the same as it would in sing it with the winning team collecting 3 points.
Guess it is a trivia game between you and a team selected to duel, the first one to guess the correct answer gets 2 points. Most of these questions are about the show.
Rock it allows everyone to perform the song together and scores 1 point. 

Every team is also provided what is called a “Share It” token. At any time, a judging team can challenge a performer to post their performance to social media. If they do, that team receives 3 points towards their score.
The first team to reach 20 points wins!

Initial Impressions


Karaoke is always a fun time! I’m a pretty bad singer but I enjoy belting out tunes. The game is a fast setup and the rules are easy to pick up and play right away. Everyone can play as long as you don’t mind singing with others. The instructions even provide a great list of 50 popular karaoke songs for ideas to use during play. This game was enjoyable from start to finish!

Game Build Quality


There is nothing to punch out with this game. All the cardboard pieces come pre-punched and packed in their separately. Each card board piece including scoreboard and spinner is very sturdy and with quality details. The spinner is a little slow the first few times you use as it may need broke in a bit.

The spinner and team score pieces are all on one board which allows for compactness of the game. The card stock is excellent, sturdy, and the writing on them is very easy to decipher. The rulebook is printed on quality paper and very easy to interpret the rules and how to play the game. High quality components for a party game that usually would not receive this treatment.

Artistic Direction


There is very little actual artwork on this besides the iconography. However, Forrest-Pruzan Creative did an excellent job color coding the different actions and making the icons very different so they could be easily differentiated. 

The background is formatted great to match the Late Late show background on James Corden’s set. The simulation of the sunset imagery is very nice. Forrest-Pruzan Creative was able to draw a lot of the feeling of the TV segment using the colors and writing printed in this game.

Fun Factor


This game was so much fun! I enjoyed playing it with both my friends and my family. I love to sing karaoke (though I’m not particularly good at singing.) Every type of action was fun from Rocking It where we all picked a song and sang it together to get our one point to Singing it and battling it out in front of my friends to the style of one of the many popular musicians. Looking around the room while playing it everyone enjoyed it.

Age Range & Weight


The game says 12+ for the age content and to play this game correctly, you could probably go as low 8 or 9+. The key would be for those to be able to recognize the different artists and their styles to add that flare to the game.
Carpool Karaoke game is a party game and is playable for all ages. 



Carpool Karaoke is a fun game that can be played by gamers and non gamers alike. Karaoke is always enjoyable and even more so when you’re surrounded by friends. Carpool Karaoke will have a big enough draw from James Corden’s name to draw interest of those that are familiar with his show and this skit to get others to play. A lot of replayability and fun to be had by everyone!