Chatty Meeples 10: Intellectual Property

The question today was about intellectual properties. What’s do you love to watch, read, or listen to? I asked the folks at Meeple Gamers, what is a property you love and would like to see turned into a board game? I also wondered what sort of game they’d like to see.

As always, I’ve done nothing beyond a bit of spelling and grammar.

If you leave a comment with something you’re hoping for I’ll highlight a couple of answers at the top of the next Chatty Meeples.


I know the parent company has had some problems but I’d love an Overwatch or Diablo pen and paper roleplay game. I know I can grab D&D or some other system and cobble together my own rules and fold in the setting as I like, but it never feels like those things. The setting is there but the mechanics feel off. I want to have my barbarian feel like a Diablo barbarian and my agent feel like they could be running around the Streets of Paris with Junkrat and Road Hog.



Luckily, I get to see one of my favorite IPs used in a board game this summer when the Call to Adventure expansion for The Stormlight Archives arrives. It sounds like it will be a stand-alone expansion with no need to mingle with the base game. So exciting!


I would really like to see a Stargate themed board game. I could see it simply as a reskin of The Queen’s Gambit, where you have a section for an away team mission, maybe a space battle with the Goa’uld, and a galactic struggle against the replicators or something. I think there are a lot of possibilities using other mechanisms or structures, but that would be a simple reskin I would go for at the very least.


IP Man, was a Chinese Kung Fu fighter, his methods taught Bruce Lee.


Pokémon is arguably my favorite video game series of all time. Would love to see it plugged into either a legendary deck builder or some kind of adventure/rpg style game.

Jeremiah and Kara

We think a great IP for a board game would be Indiana Jones! It would make an excellent adventure game, with great theme, great puzzles to solve, and would have action involved in the gameplay as well. Mansions of Madness does come pretty close, but with the Indiana Jones IP, and more involved puzzle solving would make for an epic game. Perhaps scenario based?



I think The Ranch needs a game. It’ll be duel or co-op game with push your luck with cows, drinking, maybe a little cursing, and other ranch-y things. Watch out for Beau as a threat mechanic, losing out on your progress!