Chatty Meeples 5: What’s Your Favorite Snack while Gaming?

We’re back for more Chatty Meeples. In honor of October and all of the random candy filled moments it brings, we talk about snacks. Every snack. All the snacks. To be more specific, what snacks your favorite meeples like best.

As with the other Chatty Meeples, I haven’t changed anything beyond a bit of grammar here and there.  

If you leave a comment with your favorite snack and I’ll highlight a couple of answers at the top of the next Chatty Meeples.


I’ve been trying to lose some weight and it’s effected my snacks as of late. I try to go for fresh fruit and vegetables. Granola works great too. However, when I’m letting myself cheat a bit I love digging into frozen Snickers and Reese’s Cups. They just taste so blasted good. More so since I’ve cut way back on them.


Pretzels – No grease. No flavor dust. No mess.


My favorite gaming snack lately is Limón Lays. I recently discovered these and they have become an obsession. There are only two places here in Mobile that sells them so I buy a few bags at a time. This is also a snack my entire group likes. I have disposable bowls in the game room so all can enjoy without them being real messy.


Snacks while gaming: Hubby goes for pretzels, I usually do popcorn (with LOTS of napkins), and my 10 y/o likes gummi worms. Says the kid with a shrug, “It’s true. I can’t lie!” Coke or water for me, Dr. Pepper or cream soda for the hubby, and Sprite or water for the kiddo. And the baby? We give the 2 year old a ring pop to keep him occupied!


We like to have popcorn that we put in cups to eat, (keeps hands free and clean) cookies, licorice, wrapped candy. I won’t say no to treats and snacks while gaming ☺


I usually don’t snack when I game. I try to discourage snacking during game night but my group ignores me. But they do know there is the death penalty for anyone who gets food or beverage on a game.


My gamers like whatever my wife puts in front of them. Gummy worms are also a fan favorite. For me, depending on what we’re doing (like me DMing an RPG), I’ll have a shot or two of something strong to get through it.