Chroma Cube – Project Genius – Review

A great little filler in between games, or even while taking a break at the office.

Mark Gillham



Theme and What is it?


Tease your brain and get your mental warm ups in using this delightful abstract logic puzzle known as Cube! A set of cubes that comes with 25 different individual puzzles to figure out and solve. Solve the puzzles solo or with a partner by navigating the different clues.

Gameplay Mechanics


The game provides you with 25 different puzzles with the solutions on the back of the cards.  Set up the puzzle and find the solution using the clues and logic.

Each card will provide you the set up by illustration for that particular puzzle on the 3×4 grid. At the bottom of the puzzle card are clues that will help you determine how to put the remaining blocks in to solve the puzzle. There are no time limits set to the game.

Once you think you’ve solved it, check the answer on the back of the card. The puzzles do get harder from puzzle number 1 to puzzle number 25! 

Initial Impressions


I have never heard of this game before, so my only impressions of it were that it has a very excellent looking package. 

It is not a large box by any means which limits area. Opening up the box and taking out the components, I quickly came to the conclusion that this is less of a game and more like a logic puzzle. 

It reminded me like some of the old school wooden games you would find at a restaurant or sitting out at like a dentist’s office to keep your mind running.

Game Build Quality


The box that carries the cubes and the cards is made of sturdy wood. All the areas the cubes go into are pre-cut out so you don’t have to punch any of the pieces to this game. There is even a slot in the side of the box to carry the cards that show the puzzles.

Cubes are wooden and painted. They look a lot like the blocks a young child would use for building. They are painted neatly and use some very different colors. Colors are very distinguished in the game as blocks are colored Mustard, Coral, Cobalt, and Mint while there are a few traditional colors of Orange, Purple, White and Black. 

The cards for the puzzles are larger cards that are good stock. They can bend a little easy but they are not meant for shuffling but really to pull out a puzzle and go. Good finish on the cards and clear as day where cubes are placed as well as the puzzle answers. There may be some additional answers for the puzzle that fit all of the clues.

Artistic Direction


Very simple and almost minimalist artwork used for Chroma Cube. There are 12 different cubes painted a different color with an unfinished wooden stand that they come with. I did enjoy that they used some different colors mixed in with some traditional colors.

It was also neat that they have the cubes fit into these triangle slots so it gives it a 3D look. The cards fit very well in the side which make for a very tidy work space and a space saver.

Fun Factor


Chroma Cube is a delightful brain teaser that you can enjoy even just for a few minutes. 

It’s especially perfect for when you are looking to get a quick gaming session in but do not have time to get out and set up a larger solo experience. Makes any wait more enjoyable! 

Age Range & Weight


The range shows for 8+ and that about hits the nail on the head. Some that are familiar and do puzzles regularly could even solve some of the easier ones at an earlier range. 

It is very light weight but as you progress some of the puzzles may take longer to solve as the clues will get harder.



Chroma Cube is an abstract logic puzzle that will tease your brain. The clues are excellently written and well worded so that you can determine the answer. They also aren’t extremely direct and require you to think a little bit to make the decisions.

It fits well onto almost all coffee tables and desks without taking up space. A great little filler in between games, or even while taking a break at the office. There’s no luck in this puzzle as it is using logic based on the clues to determine the solution.

This is a great alternative to those who like puzzles like Sudoku but don’t want to stare at the paper.