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The game is fast, easy, and offers the ability for kids to practice new skills.

Steve Mayne


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Theme and What is it?


City Blox is a family style building game that uses Building Blox. You’ll draft pieces, build up plots of land, and create your own miniature neighborhood.

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Gameplay Mechanics


City Blox is a game centered on Lego style building blocks. The game takes place over a series of rounds. Where you’ll draft pieces, place them on one of your plots, and attempt to finish your buildings before the other players.

Every player starts with three plots pieces of land and a plan card. These plans represent a home, a school, and a supermarket. Plan cards are set next to your plan pieces. Starting with the first player, each person in turn will choose a number of Blox from the supply based on the number of players and then choose one to keep and place on one of their boards. Then the next player chooses and places a piece on their board until all players have chosen.  

After you place your piece, if you think your plot is finished, you may check by sliding the plan card over top of your buildings. If it slides down to the plot and covers it without showing any of the pins, then you have completed that building. If you don’t meet those requirements, then you remove a piece from your building and keep building. If you were successful, you’ll draw an event card which could cause you to add or remove pieces, hand out extra pieces, and several other effects.

Once a player has successfully completed all of their plots, they win the game.

There are two additional levels of difficulty to use as your kids get older. In level 2 you must build at least 2 layers to your buildings and may have some pins visible from the sides; though looking down from the top you shouldn’t be able to see any of the white. Level 3 requires you build multiple stories and you have to have a specific number of pins visible depending on the type of structure being built.

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Initial Impressions


When I opened the box, I thought this looked like a good fit for families that had kids who loved to use building blocks.

Game Build Quality


All the pieces are decently built and well done. The Building Blox click together well and come apart without too much effort. The plan cards are a nice plastic and hold up well even with the slots cut in them for the different buildings.

I felt the event cards were a little small and can be easily misplaced and lost. I wish they had been larger.

The rules are well written and clear. They made it easy to learn the game quickly and be able to play in moments.

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Artistic Direction


The graphics in the game are fine. Each of the plans are color coded but also have nice features that give the plot a nice style once the card is placed. It’s not beautiful or distracting, it’s functional.

Fun Factor


This is a family game that focuses on playing with your kids. It’ll be a game you can sit down and play with your children and not worry too much about luck or take that. It can be a little mean during the draft if players don’t get a piece they really need or want but that’s easily mitigated by focusing on choosing the piece you need.

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Age Range & Weight


The box says 6+ and I think that’s pretty good. I think the rules might be a little complicated for kids to play solo but it should be easy for them to play the game with a few helpful reminders from an older player.

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City Blox is a fine game. It works well at keeping kids focused for a little while and 15 to 20 minutes play time it doesn’t take too long to play. While I’m not certain how much of a game, it works out as I will say I like it for the other benefits.

This game will help kids develop spatial awareness and planning skills. It also helps them develop improvisation when they get a block they can’t use. I think in that regard the game is worth having. The use of drafting in the game will also help kids learn to make some pretty good decisions.

I also like how the game levels up with the kids. As they age, they can make new and more challenging decisions by advancing in the levels. It’s also nice that this can be used as a balancing mechanic for when adults are playing with younger children. You can play at level 3 while your kids play at level 1 and the game is fast enough that it works.

I normally say that you should try before you buy, but I understand that can be difficult with games for younger kids. If you do end up simply buying this I think you’ll be fine. The game is fast, easy, and offers the ability for kids to practice new skills. You should be fine.

Until next time, be well.

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