TABLETOP TWOSDAY – Coconuts – Korea Board Games – Review

This is a perfect family game.  Everyone, at any age, is going to love a game of Coconuts!  Well, unless you just take yourself too seriously, I suppose. 

Heaether Swanson



Theme and What is it?


The Monkey King has some unruly children, and he needs to get them back in line.  He proposes a challenge to them.  The monkey kid who can gather the most coconuts for winter will be the King’s successor.  So, the silly monkeys made a game out of it.

Gameplay Mechanics


Coconuts is a dexterity game of monkeys trying to throw coconuts in cups.  You say, ‘that doesn’t sound like much of a game.’  But wait, there is more!  The silly monkeys have tricks up their sleeves.  There are cards you can play to mess with each other.

The basis of the game is pretty straightforward.  If a coconut lands in a yellow cup you take it and begin to build a pyramid of cups in front of you.  If you land in a red cup, you take the cup and go again.  The game ends if someone finishes a pyramid of 6 cups.  If no one accomplishes this great feat, the winner is the one with the most coconuts in their cups.

If a coconut lands outside of a cup they just get left on the table.  Players keep taking turns until there are no more available coconuts lying around or someone has built a pyramid.  Any coconuts that land in the cups remain in the cups.

The cards let players perform monkey business on their sibling monkeys.  You can cause someone to shoot with their eyes closed or make them shoot from really far away.  You can tell them which cup they have to land in or make them lose a turn.  Another one lets you blow air or use a fan to mess someone up.  There is one card that gives you an extra free shot.

Initial Impressions


I had heard good things about this game but couldn’t seem to find it being sold anywhere.  I was so happy to finally get my hands on a copy.  The monkey shooters are so cute and I couldn’t wait to send coconuts flying around the room.

Game Build Quality


One of the really nice things about this game is the quality of the pieces.  Everything is so sturdy and built to last.  The monkeys are very sturdy and the cups are thick plastic.  They are not flimsy at all.  The coconuts are rubbery and slightly squishy.  They have a bit of weight to them and are not simply light little pieces of plastic.

The cards are not amazingly thick but this game really isn’t about the cards.  You get dealt two per game and they are sturdy enough for their job.  They need not be any thicker than they are.

The box holds all the pieces well.  It doesn’t require an IQ on par with Einstein to fit everything away.  I was afraid it would be like those kid’s games you can never figure out how to fit back into the box after assembling.  Well, no assembly required in Coconuts.

Artistic Direction


There isn’t much art in Coconuts.  The monkeys are cute and the cards have simple Asian style art on them.  The art on the box is nice as well.

Fun Factor


I have such a hoot playing this game!  I am terrible at it but have such a good time when I play.  I usually over shoot and send them all the way across my kitchen.  Maybe it is a subconscious joy to watch my kids fly to the floor and beat the dog to the pieces.

This game brings out the kid in me.  When I play the card that lets me try to interrupt the other player’s shot by blowing, I take it quite literally.  I blow on the person!  Ha ha!  Okay, so I won’t do it to guests but my family knows what will happen when I play that card on them.

The rules say nothing about what happens if you land a coconut in another player’s pyramid cup.  I LOVE to play they game in such a way as to steal other player’s cups.  It gets kind of crazy…. crazy fun!

Age Range & Weight


I’m not giving out my age but I love this game.  I don’t think you will ever be too old for Coconuts.  You just need a young nimble person to bend down and pick up the pieces when you send them halfway across the room.  No joke, these little monkey shooters are POWERFUL!

The age is listed for 7 and up.  I think younger kids could play if they are supervised.  The coconuts look like chocolate candy and the rubber feel to them would be tempting to chew on.  No, I didn’t try it, but some people I played with got it in their head that the pieces look just like Whoppers.  And, of course, they went out and bought Whoppers.

I digress.  The point is, the game is fun.  You might need to keep young kids… ahem… or crazy adults from eating the pieces.  Or, give in to your sweet tooth and launch some candy.  Hey, that sounds like a fun idea at Halloween.



This is a perfect family game.  Everyone at any age will love a game of Coconuts!  Well, unless you just take yourself too seriously, I suppose. 

I think this is an essential casual game to own if you have kids or silly friends.  Just watch out for college kids getting their hands on this.  I can see them filling the cups with shots.  Hmmm… might be fun!