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If you have read any of my reviews, then you know I love deduction games. I also love games with these large gems. Shiny!

Mary Crabtree


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Theme and What is it?


Whether you’re in it for wealth or for fame, this is where your quest begins! Rogue archaeology means getting to the bottom of shipwrecks, ancient ruins, forgotten tombs, and forbidden temples to look for the artifacts which will bring you the most fortune and glory. So grab your hat and leather coat – it’s time to raid some tombs!

Curios is a deduction game. As an archaeologist, you are trying to find out where the best treasure lies from the four treasure sites.

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Gameplay Mechanics



There are four Treasure Sites: The Great Pyramid (yellow), The Forbidden Temple (red), The Lost Shipwreck (purple) and the Ancient Colosseum (green). Each Treasure Site has four Market Cards numbered 1, 3, 5 and 7. Shuffle these Market Cards and place one above each Treasure Site. This is the hidden value for each Treasure Site.

Based on the number of players, place the Artifact Gems below each Treasure Site and deal out Market Cards. There could be cards leftover when playing with certain player counts.

Each player will start with five Archaeologist Pawns in their color. You can get more later.


Search for Treasure:

On your turn, choose a Treasure Site and completely fill the empty column farthest from the left, then take an Artifact Gem from that location. You must pass if you cannot complete this action.

Bonus Artifacts:

When each player has passed, check for the majority at each Treasure Site. Those players gain an additional Artifact Gem at those sites. If there is a tie, no players get an Artifact Gem.

Retrieve Archaeologists:

To end Phase One, all players now take back their Archaeologist Pawns.


Recruit Treasure Hunters:

Each player now has the chance to recruit another Archaeologist. You may play one Market Card from your hand face-up to the other players and gain an additional Archaeologist Pawn in your color.

If you do not wish to play a card face-up, you may pass without gaining an additional Archaeologist Pawn in your color.

After every player has recruited or passed in Phase Two, the round is over.


Play continues until two or more Treasure Sites are out of Artifact Gems.

At this point, reveal the face-down Market Cards at each Treasure Site. Each Artifact Gem is worth the value shown.

All players add up their Artifact Gems and the player with the highest total is the winner!

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Initial Impressions


If you have read any of my reviews, then you know I love deduction games. I also love games with these large gems. Shiny!

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Game Build Quality


There are not many components. There are cards, gems and the first player token. The cards are well made and the gems are thick plastic. The first player token is a brass lantern! And all of it fits in a nice tin box. No complaints here.

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Artistic Direction


The art is all on the cards and is just mainly four pictures. The art on the Treasure Site cards becomes a panorama on the Market Cards. It looks nice!

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Fun Factor


I mean…. I love deduction so I think this game is a lot of fun. It does not take a long time to play which makes it a great filler game.

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The publisher suggests an age of 14+. I will have to disagree with this completely. This is not a heavy deduction game. The classic game, Clue, even has a suggestion of 8+. I think the only reason they give it this rating is so they do not sell it as a toy.

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I enjoy this game. It has easy setup and mechanics. I could bring it out in between any other games and played within 20 minutes.

My only complaint is I believe it could have easily had more depth. For example, they could have added more Market Cards. With only four Market Cards it isn’t hard to deduct the value of each Treasure Site is. If there was even two more Market Cards, it would add difficulty to the deduction. Doing this could add variations to the gameplay.

If you love deduction games and don’t have one as a filler, this is a great grab.

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