Dice Forge: Rebellion – Libellud – Review

You could always setup both modules at the same time so cards are out and ready.  Play one module.  Reset your dice to the new standards and restore the forge.  Transfer the few other cards needed and play the second module with relatively little downtime between the two games.

Joseph Summa



Theme and What is it?


Rebellion is an expansion to the original Dice Forge game.  Dice forge is a fast playing game where players roll their dice and gain resources at the start of each player’s turn.  Then when it is their turn, the player can spend gold to purchase dice upgrades at the forge or use their sun/moon shards to perform heroic feats. 

The most interesting and unique part of dice forge is that players pop off faces of their dice and replace them with better sides. This increases the possible returns on each future die roll.  Picking the correct heroic feats will usually determine who can get the best out of their engine and score the most in the limited rounds played.

What does it add?


Rebellion adds new heroic feat cards that can be incorporated into the standard game for more unique play opportunities.  This is a good way to ease into some of the new options. But I recommend jumping straight to one of the modules.

Rebellion offers two unique modular ways to play.  Either the Goddess Module or Titans module is where you should go first.  The Goddess module allows you to use a golem to navigate a labyrinth full of epic rewards.  It includes opportunities to roll a special celestial die with incredible benefits.  The Titan module sets up a battle between the gods and the titans.  You must weigh the benefits and opportunities of both sides and struggle to come out ahead in your chosen path.  It usually forces players to pick one route to explore heavily and stick with it throughout the game.

What does it fix/ break?


Nothing.  It offers more replay value and unique modes of play which is a huge plus.  It doesn’t fix the only real complaint we have ever had with Dice Forge.  The game is too short!  We can often blast through a game in 15-20 minutes and the setup and teardown time ended up the most significant point.  It is great to play a few back to back while it is out but still has plenty of sorting the die faces and getting things back to ready.  

Do I want this?


If you enjoy Dice Forge, absolutely!  This is just more of the same content you enjoy and throws significantly more strategic paths to explore at you.  I haven’t finished exploring them and haven’t really found any significant trends in our early plays.  Rebellion is essentially a must for players who pull out Dice Forge regularly.

Do I need this?


Hmm, I seem to have jumped the gun in my last sentence.  Yes! If you play Dice Forge regularly you will find Rebellion to be a must have.  If you only pull Dice Forge out once every few months, you will be able to survive with just the base game.  I am not sick of the base game yet after dozens of plays.  But Rebellion definitely spices things up considerably.



Dice Forge is an incredibly fast paced engine building game where all players are involved in every turn.  Resource management, limited turn options, and so many different routes to success will keep players coming back time and again.  Rebellion does what every good expansion should: it offers many more strategic options to explore.  If you cannot get the dice gods to cooperate and find yourself slipping way behind… maybe you should switch allegiance to the Titans instead!