Downforce: Danger Circuit Expansion- Restoration Games – Review

Theme and What is it?

You are the owner of an F1 team, you know your drivers need to turn left, and right! You have a nearly endless supply of money, but if you use it at the beginning of the season, it will also count against your victory points.

Do you have the guts to buy the right car at the right price? Do you have enough speed to get around the track with you one or more racing teams?

Gameplay Mechanics

The game plays much like the original, with a few different powers, but, and there’s a big but… the track plays entirely differently.

The all star team at Restoration Games, has put the FU in F1. There are now impassable spots all over the board, or rocks on the other side of the board, which slows you down significantly. That is the beauty of racing games, if they play well, new tracks can give new blood to a title, and make the old tracks seem fresh.

Initial Impressions

The art of the track is pretty nice, and is very photogenic. The box was a simple expansion box, that generally encourages you to get rid of the packing, and put this track into the original game box. I am a fan of not having a separate box for expansions.

Game Build Quality

The expansion board is built exactly like the original, looks nice and feels nice. If it ain’t broke…

Artistic Direction

Tavis Coburn has a huge following, and frankly, it s because his voice is so powerful through his art. This game is no different from the rest of his art. It just looks good.

I love the look of the game and the box. Restoration Games should keep Coburn on retainer.

Fun Factor

Love the feel of the blocking power this game has. If you like that “take that” moment in games, you will love this, if you do not, you may not.

Age Range & Weight

8+. I tend to agree with this generally. My 6 year old has played this game extensively. She understands the bet, and the racing. She has a bit of a hard time putting both together to earn victory points or money.

So while she enjoys it, I think a child slightly older would understand the logic of putting a racing game together with a wagering game. Not all people understand playing and betting, ask Pete Rose.


For me this game is of course about winning, but it is not entirely about the end. It is also very much about the beginning, and middle. You have to pay attention to each aspect to do well.

With that being said, Downforce was already on my top shelf. This expansion tells me that it may be up there for a while. Between the art and the play, this game is just plain enjoyable.

Originally posted 2018-10-21 17:40:15.