Dude/ More Dude/ one more dude – NorthStar Games – Review

Theme and What is it?

Dude – NorthStar Games

Bruce at Northstar bests sums it up, “It is a game about saying Dude.” My initial reaction to this, was simple, “The designer was either very smart, or very stupid.”

I’d rather just be blunt and say it how I saw it. It turned my stomach at how much I wanted to immediately dislike this game. But, I like Bruce, and NorthStar, so I figured I had to at least give it the benefit of the doubt. Dude…

Gameplay Mechanics

Truthfully, you say dude, and sometimes sweet, and when out of cards, chill.

You look at a card, and start saying dude how you think your card says dude. When you think a neighbor has the same card, you say sweet for verification. If they respond in kind, and you have the same dude, you both get a point, if not, you discard the card forever. When you run out of cards, you say chill, signaling the end of the round or game.

dude: This is based off of spelling of dude

more dude: This is based off of drawings of charecters, and how they might say dude, for example, fair or not our pizza chef was saying dude like the Mario Brothers might.

Initial Impressions

I wanted so much to dislike this game. I truly did, it just felt wrong, and forced me to judge a “book by its cover.”

Game Build Quality

Dude, it’s cards… They are functional dude.

Artistic Direction

The art, like the game just bothered my core. There is nothing to it.

Fun Factor

Northstar, you evil geniuses. This is the most I have laughed at a game in a long time, especially when it did not involve dark humor. Doooood…

one more dude: The best moment in the entire session was when we opened the one more dude expansion, only to realize, it truly, and literally was, one more dude. It allows an extra player in either game. We laughed maniacally. Then we slowly put one more dude away. We didn’t have enough dudes.

Age Range & Weight

13+. Dewd, NorthStar, we disagree. We played this game with an 8 year old. It was a bit beyond him to keep up, but 9 or 10 would be good.


I regularly tell people who will listen that a good game design can defeat art, and components, if they are at least professional. I did not listen to myself on this game. I truly was initially mortified that NorthStar gave into a game to make a quick buck, that had no staying power. Again, the fine folks at NorthStar are evil geniuses. This is the cleanest, silliest game I have played in a long time, maybe ever. I may not play it frequently, but I could see playing this with friends, people from church, guys from college, smart monkeys, whomever.

I hate when my work is derivative, but in this situation, I think it must be said, “The dude abides, the dude most certainly abides, man.”