Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Trouble in Waterdeep Campaign Box – WizKids – Review

I really enjoy Dice Masters...for its collectability and scalable game play.  It is such a nice bag-builder!

Heather Swanson



Theme and What is it?


Wizkids has brought the Dungeons and Dragons world to the Dice Masters game.  The dice take on the properties of D&D characters, ideas, and events to create a unique dice game.

This is a bag building game with cards that represent the dice powers.  As you purchase more powerful dice and add them to your bag, you can make bigger attacks on your opponent.

Gameplay Mechanics


Players begin with 10 health points and win by being the last person standing.  My pictures show round disks that represent health but are not included with the game.  Any items can be used to represent health.

To knock down opponent’s health, they must attack using dice.  The game starts with 8 ‘sidekick’ dice that feature basic energy on 5 sides and 1 Non Player Character (NPC) on the 6th side.  At the beginning of each player’s turn, only 4 dice are drawn and rolled.

Players must use these sidekick dice energy into purchasing power for better dice.  Fighting with the NPCs won’t get you far.  However, a good strategy is to get a couple out to the field in case you need to block an attack.

Dice can be purchased from two different areas.  One area is a player’s own character section.  This can range anywhere from 6 dice on 2 cards to 20 dice on 8 cards!  There is also another common area ranging from 2 to 4 cards with 6 to 12 dice, respectively.  In this area, both players can purchase dice.

The size of the game depends on the skill levels of the players and personal preferences.  In the pictures, I have set up a small game to play with my 9- year-old daughter.

Players must pay attention to their dice abilities when they are drawn out of the bag and rolled.  Some characters have powers that can be purchased with energy by either player at any time.  The different sides of the dice will cause different results as well.  It can be complicated when playing with the maximum number of cards and dice.

When a die is played as an attack, the opponent may block with one or more NPCs or character dice already in their field.  Damage is taken by the blocker but is also given the chance to hit back as well.  If the attacker overcomes the blocker’s defense, any remaining damage is dealt to the 10 life points I mentioned earlier.  Unblocked attackers deal damage directly to the health points.

Initial Impressions


I was so excited to get this glorious box of dice.  I have had foil packs and sets from other Dice Master lines, but never a campaign box.  

Upon feasting my eyes on all the contents, I was very pleased.  There were so many dice and cards it was all you needed to keep the game fresh for a long time.  I particularly liked the way the dice could be organized in angled dice slots.  

Game Build Quality


This game is mostly about the dice and they are good quality.  They are all readable and unique.  Sometimes it may be hard to tell the difference between some die but that is just because there are so many.

The cards are a good thickness.  They do not need to be shuffled or held much so they don’t seem likely to get worn out easily.

The insert to hold everything is wonderful.  The way the dice fit in with the lid over top prevents spills and dumps.  Everything has a place as well.  There is room for adding more cards and dice over time.

The only thing I’m disappointed in is the game mats.  They are so small and flimsy!  They seem to just be printed on paper.  I wish so much they could be larger and made out of something thicker.

Artistic Direction


The artwork in this game will not disappoint!  The drawings are wonderful.

I have never played Dungeons and Dragons, but my idea of the game was something akin to Lord of the Rings.  I was surprised to find some rather silly or funny artwork in this game.  I like the variety.

The symbology and text are all easy to read.  I like that there is consistency with the cards, making it easy to recognize what is going on.  However, the mechanics of the game are brought together with artwork through embellishments.  This makes the game play come together with the art seamlessly.

Fun Factor


I enjoy quite a few things about this game.  The dice make the game very tactile and pleasant.  The artwork is enjoyable.  The bag-building mechanisms is one of my favorite.

The game is also very scalable.  When playing with kids, it can be made shorter and easier.  When wanting a more complex game, it can be built up with more characters and dice.  The game can be somewhat short or pleasantly long enough to build up a better bag.

It is always fun to buy new dice and watch your bag grow stronger and stronger.  It is exciting to pull out one of your new characters and roll something wonderful.

I also really enjoy just swimming through all the dice.  I love to have a big collection of them.  Sometimes the way a die looks will influence my choice of what to play with at the beginning of the game.  I love all the different colors and designs on them.

I think this type of fun reaches back to my childhood when I collected marbles and sorted them by color and size.  These dice hit that part of my brain in a similar way.

Age Range & Weight


This game is rated for kids 14 and up.  I think when you really want a competitive game that is a good age.  However, my 9-year-old understood and could play the game.

There is more strategy to this game than you would think with dice.  If you don’t learn those strategies, you are not going to last long.  I could run right over my 9-year-old if I played all-out.  At the same time, I can teach a kid how to do better and eventually they can be a formidable foe….before turning 14, I think.



I was very pleased with the campaign box.  It pulls all the things I need to place D&D Dice Masters into one nice box.  I like that I didn’t have to do any more prep in order to play.

Normally, with Dice Masters, you don’t get the storage area or play mats.  I had to go online to find a play mat lay-out to print.  I found that kind of annoying.  It was a problem when I wanted to put the game away as well.  There wasn’t a box ready to hold everything.

Another big improvement I saw with this set was a WAY better rule book!  When I first started learning this game, I had a really hard time sifting through a thick rule book with tiny print.  I had to consult forums and watch videos.  I feel like the new rule book is so much clearer.

I really enjoy Dice Masters…for its collectability and scalable game play.  It is such a nice bag-builder!