Famini – LOKI – Review


Farmini is a quick, fun game that is great for families or any situation where young players are involved. It is a great way to teach kids a really awesome game mechanics that they will use for years to come.




Theme and What is it?

There is a buzz in the air, and all the farmers in your region are excited. For the first time ever there will be a local farming competition. The farm with the most cornfields and livestock will win the trophy. You realize that it is time to get to work and make your farm as beautiful as possible. Will you be the farmer to take home first prize? Only determination and a little farmer’s luck will determine that.

Farmini is a tile laying game for 2-4 players.

Gameplay Mechanics


Farmini is a basic tile drafting and laying game. Each player begins with a farm tile and then takes turns selecting a new tile from four revealed tiles. A new tile is replaced after a player has made a selection so there are always four tiles visible. The player adds the tile they selected to their farm. Tiles must match other tiles they are placed against. 

To build a farm that scores points, players will need to have protected cornfields and have lots of animals. To score points from corn fields, the corn will need to be inside an enclosed fence without any animals inside the fence. Animals score points at the end of the game whether they are enclosed in a fence or not. The reason you want to try and enclose them is so they are protected from wolves. If a wolf card is drawn and they are hungry for a type of animal that is not safe inside a fence, then that animal is discarded. 

Once all tiles are selected and laid out, the game ends and the player with the highest score wins.

Initial Impressions


I have great fun playing tile laying games with my kids. It is one of our favorite genres. When I first saw Farmini I thought it would be a simple game that would be a great filler. This is mostly true. We had the game set up and everyone understood the rules in just a couple of minutes. We played through and did not encounter any issues. 

The game seemed very simple while we were playing it…almost too simple. Once I saw we only had a couple of rounds left I realized that my farm was not even close to being a prize-winning farm. I let the simplicity blind me from a game that has strong strategy and requires some forward thinking. By the time I realized this it was too late. My daughter had been paying attention and she crushed us.

The nice part about that defeat was that the game only lasted about 15 minutes. We reset and got right back into it and this time I did not underestimate the game.

Game Build Quality


Farmini is in a tiny box game. Because of this, the tiles are not on cardboard. Everything is a heavy cardstock. I wanted to see hefty cardboard, especially since kids would be handling the tiles. The cards were easy to bend and they would not sit flush against each other and would slide around on the table. I am sure they did this to keep the cost lower and to give it a small box footprint. I just wish it would have been made of heavier material. 

Artistic Direction


This game is made for very young players. The art reflects the age which it is targeting. It has a strong cartoon inspired theme. I didn’t mind it since it was made to appeal to my kids and not me. Anything that helps them stay involved with the game is very helpful.

Fun Factor


What made Farmini entertaining was how quickly it played and that my kids had fun with it. If I didn’t have kids, I would not have even given this game a second look at my shop, but it worked very well with my kids. Any reason I can find to have them hang out with me and still think I am cool, I will take that.

Age Range & Weight


Recommended age range is 5+. Very young players can pick right up on Farmini and have a good time with it. What I found surprising was how challenging it could be if you let it. Trying to plan fence layouts made me enjoy it even with it being such a light game. 

Would I recommend the game for a group of adults? No. This game is made for kids and adults will have the most fun when they are playing with kids. 



Farmini is a tile laying game for kids. Don’t imagine it as anything other than that. But that’s not a bad thing. Even though it is developed for very young kids to learn how to draft and lay tiles, there is still some meat to this game. Adult players will not be bored out of their minds because it can still be a challenge to create a great farm. 

I did have some wishes on the quality of the game. But I can see why the publishers chose to do it the way they did, I just wanted something more durable since young kids would be using it so much. Again, that is a personal preference and it wouldn’t keep me from purchasing a copy of it.

Farmini is a quick, fun game that is great for families or any situation where young players are involved. It is a great way to teach kids a really awesome game mechanics that they will use for years to come.