Fearz by Cosmic Games Review

Fearz is a party for kids and parents that has players trying to discover what monster each player is afraid of.

Theme and What is It?

Fearz is a party for kids and parents that has players trying to discover what monster each player is afraid of.

Gameplay Mechanics

Fearz Is a memory game where every player is assigned a monster they are afraid of and a reaction to that monster. Cards featuring a selection of monster pictures are turned over one at a time and players watch each other to see who reacts to the different cards. When someone thinks they know which monster another player is afraid of they can announce it. If correct then both players score a point, if not the guessing player loses a point. The game continues until someone scores 5 points.                                                    


Initial Impressions

The look of the game and the simple rules made me feel this would be a fun game with kids who would enjoy doing the silly actions to react to their monsters.

Quality of Components and Insert

The cards are good and sturdy with a decent finish. They should hold up to frequent shuffles, which is good since they are round and it would be difficult to find sleeves. The game comes in a compact tin that feels well-constructed and doesn’t take up a lot of room making adding it to any collection a fairly simple thing.                                               


Artistic Direction

The art is fine. Some of the monsters look very similar, which I think is the point. The images on the action cards are clear and easy to make out. For the most part it’s relatively easy to figure out what you should be doing at any point.

Fun Factor

Unfortunately, this game didn’t go over well with the group I played with. Most of the actions were fun for both kid and adult players but there were some that just didn’t hit quite well enough. Additionally, I think the game was a little too difficult for to keep track of for some of the players. It doesn’t take long, but the game started wearing on our group.                                


Difficulty and Age Range Suggestion

The Box says 5+ and I think that’s a bit low. The memory element feels like it will work against younger players. Additionally, my niece, who is a very anxious child, had a hard time waiting until she was sure of the answer and would yell out what she thought was the monster someone was afraid of when she’d sort of narrowed it down. This led to frustration on her part. I think if you’re buying this for kids that’s something to think about. Other than that, the rules are simple. I pretty much gave all of them to you at the top of the review.


In the end, I can appreciate what they were trying for but it was just not for me or any of the people I played with. Part of the problem we had was anxious children. There was also a fairly large flaw in the game; I won one game without ever making a guess. People kept figuring out my monster and announcing it. In the last two rounds I didn’t even try to figure out what other player’s monsters were just to see what would happen. I think kids could enjoy the game for no more reason than performing the reactions. It was fun to laugh, yell, or sneeze when your monster came up; though I personally could have lived without the vomit card. I get that the game is trying to give kids the chance to be loud and silly and I commend it for that. However, in my experience kids don’t need a game for that. It’s a nice try but it doesn’t scare up enough fun for me to recommend.

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