Fight! Chiken 2 (Fight! Chicken 2) – Activate Games – Review

"I was sure, I was not going to like this game. I am sure, JinJin, was sure I was an idiot for thinking that. I was."

Theme and What is it?

I will be the first to say the theme is just plain old silly. You are sending your chickens to fight over matching pairs like in a cell phone game. This is a loose non-literal take on this game. 

In a literal sense, there is absolutely no reason this needs to be chickens, or coins, or anything else recognizable. This chicken theme is just fun to say. Fight! Chiken

The game is literally a matching game, that is about building sets to be traded, for more victory points.

Gameplay Mechanics

You have L shaped tetris style tiles with half a chicken in a specifically oriented position. If you match 2 or more of the same color (Meaning one could be blue, and the other something else like green), and the orientation, you will get a wild chicken. If you match colors, including wilds, you can trade that for a score card, regardless of orientation.

Once you have completely enclosed an L piece orthogonally, you can trade two score cards for higher scoring cards, a 4 and 3 for a 7 for example. You must also drop your chicken meeple on the enclosed tile. You are only able to do this trade action three times per game. 

Truthfully, the gameplay is simple, but not necessarily intuitive to an adult. Once you get it, it will still frustrate you.

Initial Impressions

I was tired, in Essen Germany, at the end of Spiel. A friend of mine, JinJin, asked me to stop and look at this chicken game. Truthfully, I did not want to, and I was tired, and Octoberfest beer sounded better than a chicken game.

The game we looked at was the predecessor to Fight! Chiken 2, the imaginatively named Fight! Chiken. I was not particularly thrilled to be looking at the game. Beyond anything, the theme was just too strange for me. I was sure, I was not going to like this game. I am sure, JinJin, was sure I was an idiot for thinking that. I was.

Game Build Quality

The game is built like a game that will last decades. The L’s are laser cut, and the cards are either plastic or feels as if they are. 

Your meeples are a little less than exciting, but not regularly used during the course of the game. Therefore, I think Activate used the best stuff they could find. Beyond that, they are all housed in really nice containers (at least the review copy is), which makes organization super easy.

I have never felt any other board game box lined in felt. Just sayin’.

Artistic Direction

Come on, this is chickens…

The art is utilitarian to make it fun, but otherwise is nearly non-existent, except for the box art. The box art is fun and silly, as it should be in a game called Fight! Chiken.

I love the idea of the game, but the internal art is not overly complex. Oddly, I think for the style of game, that is a perfect choice. Normally I would be bummed that the art was not more dynamic.

Fun Factor

Everyone to whom I have introduced this series to, has become an almost instant fan. The fun of the game is quite interesting, as it is entirely based on the frustration of not being able to do exactly what you want at all times. 

It’s a healthy amount of frustration, and more than once, I have been asked to play a second time, as soon as the first game is over. This bodes well.

Age Range & Weight

5+. I largely agree with the fact that a 5 year old can play, my daughter regularly sees things that I do not see, and she is 7. What She is unable to do, currently, is figure out end game scoring, and point maximization. 

For this reason, I agree you can play it with someone younger, but you will likely be playing solitaire with yourself, and allowing the kid to learn along with you.


I am a Fight! Chiken 2 convert, fan, and apostle. This will become a top shelf game, and will force a reorganization of the shelves, yet again for 2018. I truly am appreciative to JinJin for introducing me to Activate Games.

This is my top game of the year (including Fight! Chiken (original recipe)). Yes, there are more in your face games, that have more theme, more, more more. The simple truth with Fight! Chiken 2, is that less is more. The game has exactly what it needs to be successful. It has been signed by a major publishing company in the US, and will likely under go significant theme changes.

Frankly, if that company changes the theme and name, I think they will lose all the charm that makes Fight! Chiken so great. I am aware I am not spelling Chicken correctly, I am mimicking the box. Unlike how you will find the name on BGG, I refuse to change the art of the name, and find that to be part of the charm.

This game, is not yet available in the US. However, it can be ordered directly from the publisher by clicking the publisher above. Honestly, I don’t understand why you haven’t ordered it already.