Flip-A-Zoo – Jumping Turtle Games – Review

Those naughty monkeys!

Mark Gillham



Theme and What is it?


The naughty monkeys have let all the animals escape from their cages! All the animals are hiding in the zoo. It’s up to the player to bring all of the animals back and put them in their cages. The monkeys don’t want you to bring two of the same animal back at the same time to start with. Will you help the monkeys lock up all the animals again? Flip-a-Zoo is a memory game for 2-4 players trying to help the monkeys put animals back in their cages.

Gameplay Mechanics


Players will take turns face-down tiles revealing hidden animals. After every animal flipped they will check to make sure that they haven’t turned over two of the same animal. If the player turns over two of the same animal, the turn ends and the player does not collect the animals. If the animal is not a duplicate, the player has the option of collecting all the animals turned over or continuing to flip tiles over. The player who has put the most animals back in their cage, wins!

Initial Impressions


After playing this game with my son (4 year old), Flip-a-Zoo is a delightful change from the traditional memory/matching games that we are used to playing. He loves the animals and the change in the rules. It did take him a few games to remember that we are not trying to find the same animal. Once he got the hang of it, we enjoyed the new way to play these games!

Game Build Quality


Jumping Turtle Games did an excellent job with the components of the game! The tiles are sturdy and built to hold up with the wear and tear from child’s play. The instructions are very easy to understand and come in multiple languages. Even the box is sturdy and appropriately sized for the contents that comes with it.

Artistic Direction


The art on the tile is perfect for children’s game. The choice of animals to use is very diverse to not create confusion. The animals are drawn very in a very cute manor while colorized backgrounds are very distinct. Even the back of the tiles has neat artwork of animals hiding in the bushes. Excellent work by David Furnal!

Fun Factor


Flip-a-Zoo’s a quick set up and each play is a fun experience from the game start. The new twist helps to keep younger gamers attention which can be difficult. The push your luck element does not create too tough or too crunchy of decision to take the wind out of the sails. It is a great new addition on a classic game that will play well even with the parents!

Age Range & Weight


The age range per the box is 4-8 and this is very accurate from what I’ve seen. Tom Delme included instruction to help increase the difficulty so the game grows with your children. Four different game modes are included in the box that increase the challenge as you continue to play it. Flip-a-Zoo is a children’s game and is built to help children learn concepts such as counting, colors, animals while learning gaming concepts like push your luck.



Flip-a-Zoo has been a joy the moment my son and I sat down to play our first game. We have went through and moved on to some of the more advanced rules. It’s given me a good opportunity to share gaming while still teaching and working with him on his counting and basic math skills. It also has given me another way for me to share my love of gaming with him. This is a wonderful game and would highly recommend it for anyone with younger children!