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Fog of Love brings a level of fit and finish that is unheard of.



Theme and What is it?

Love is hard. It is not a fairy tale. It takes effort, and sacrifice. This is the real life analysis, and for better or worse, this game is the same. In order for  one or both to win at this game, both people must discuss their “feelings” and needs. In this game, you may win, you may lose, and your partner can do the same. How you accomplish your goals, as in real life, can be done either through honesty, or subterfuge. 

How you succeed or fail, is up to you. Can you live with your decisions? Or will you live with regret?

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Fog of Love is a drafting game, wherein you are pulling a card from a deck, and choosing at any given time between 5 cards that may help you and/or your partner, or hurt you and/or your partner. Each card will work in such a way that it will either help your needs that must be met to either meet your goals of the game, or not met, and leave you out in the cold. 

I found the game to be a dual person choose your own adventure type game. I felt that the game was built to be a board game, based off of this classic type book. Each decision you make, affects a later decision. At it’s core, you can play either in a “I don’t care about the story” numbers way, or in a “we must advance the story of their love” way. We attempted both ways to various levels of success. You will have to figure out how to play based on what makes the game enjoyable for you. 

For us, we found advancing the story, much more interesting, but less successful. Your mileage may vary.

Everything in the box, screams quality. I was interested immediately based on the overall quality, and the artwork. I had no idea how it played, but I wanted to play it. 

This is good in a board game. The best part of playing a board game, is that initial reaction to the game, in my opinion. This game wants to be played, and that is good. 

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Some games reek of theme. Some games have so much quality, it feels like the publisher forgot it has to be fun. Some games live on their merits, and forget that gamers like good art. Some games just have beautiful art, and bring nothing else to the table. 

Fog of Love brings a level of fit and finish that is unheard of. The quality of the box and insert are apparent the first time you open the box. The rules are built into the game, which forces you to learn the game, to play the game. This is just a level up, that more publishers should be considering. I became a fan immediately on the basis that the rules were slowly spoon fed to us in the first play. The box is just super cool, open it, by sliding, and you’ll see why.

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The art of Fog of Love, made me feel as if I was on a romantic date. I cannot explain why, it just did. Compound that with the fact that I played with my brother, and it gets rather interesting. 

The style is a free-flowy brush stroke, combined with clean lines. It works, and conveys the thought of the subject content, quite well.

This is where this game falters for me. It just felt like we were interchangeably reading a choose your own adventure book. The game works well, but for me personally, I would read a book if I wanted to read a book. Now, for some players, this will fit well, on the basis they may play with a romantic partner that is not a gamer necessarily, and they may appreciate being hand fed the game. For me, the game lost some of it’s shine since I was expecting a more “gamey” game.

However, I can see a romantic couple, truly enjoying the banter this game offers. 

The game suggest 17+, not on the basis of being gross, but rather I think on the basis of the theme is adult relationships, and for that reason, the publisher made the age older. The gameplay is simple enough a younger player could feasibly play, but the content is definitely older. I’d suggest sticking to the number the publisher said, at 17+.

Generally, I would ONLY give my opinion in a review. However in this review, I don’t feel that would be fair. So I will supplement my conclusion, with that of my brother.

I did not enjoy Fog of Love. I find the reading mechanism cumbersome. The game works well. It just isn’t my “type of game.” I cannot tell you as a gamer that it will be your type of game or not. It certainly conveys the idea of working through a relationship well enough, and I could even see it being used in marital counseling. I would suggest reading more about it though to determine if you will like it. The game works well, I love the art and the idea. Maybe I am just not built for board game relationships.

My brother, Trevor, who helped me play this, loves it. He states, “For all the reasons Josh disliked Fog of Love, I love it. I love the idea of a choose your own adventure board game based on relationship building. I like that if you play the story, you learn more about your partner. I like that I learned how cool and uncool Josh is in a relationship based on his answers. The art is beautiful and makes me just feel like the game is a necessary part of any relationship. Don’t listen to Josh, buy this game, and have fun with it, I did. Josh is a scrooge (Anti-Cupid when it’s not the Holidays!).”

Fog of Love - Hush Hush Projects - Review
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