Fundead: The Gravest Show on Earth – Spooky Milk Games – Review

I liked how the cards were double-sided. One side has the circus performer and the other side is the zombi-fied version.

Mary Crabtree



Theme and What is it?


Fundead is a two-player strategic card placement battle that pits circus performers against zombies (there is also a 2v2 variant as well as a solo mode). A player can lay a new card to flip existing cards from their opponent’s side to their own, and when the five-by-five battlefield is filled with cards, the side with the stronger army is the winner. Cards can also be locked into place and blocked from the opponent’s reach.

Gameplay Mechanics


In Fundead, you will choose a side (circus performers or zombies). The main deck of cards is double sided for both. Each player always has two cards face-up in front of them using their side (performer or zombie).

On your turn, you will play a card into the grid. Each card as a diagram to show the target. When played, find that target and then flip that card even if it is flipping it to your opponent’s side. A card cannot be flipped if it has a lock token on it. If the card you played has a lock token on it, you can place a lock token on the target card after flipping it if it does not already have one. Some cards have more than one target and if so, only one lock token can be placed and you will choose which target to place it on.

The cards have numbers varying from 1- . Once the grid is completed, these values are added for each side and a winner is determined.

Another added mechanism is that each player has four stop cards to block certain cards from being flipped. These are always played before playing another card. You can play one or more on your turn but you only get four for the entire game.

Initial Impressions


I was on the fence. I know this is a small publisher, and I was willing to give it a shot. For what appears to be a home-brewed game, it is very well put together.

Game Build Quality


The components are not over the top but that does not take away from the gameplay. You do not need  high quality components here. The strategic gameplay is all that is required for this one. I liked how the cards were double-sided. One side has the circus performer and the other side is the zombi-fied version.

Artistic Direction


The artwork looks like actual people put through one of those apps on your phone that makes you look pixilated. However, this is not a complaint. I think this direction with the art fits the theme well. There are plenty of games with a circus theme and zombie theme so why not mix those themes together? Tim Schutz did an excellent job of obtaining the “real” factor.

Fun Factor


This game had a small level of strategy but also a lot of luck. The luck is how the cards come out and how those diagrams fit your strategy. In one of your games, it seemed like my opponent got all the cards I needed and he got all the cards I needed so we could not really target a card.

The second game went completely different and there was a lot of flipping and locking and it was a closer game. We had a lot of fun.

Age Range & Weight


The age suggestion is 11+. This might be slightly high. I am sure a younger audience could grasp it with a little help.



All in all, I do not have any major complaints with this game. The art is cool looking, and the gameplay is strategic enough to make this a fun filler game. I am eager to try it with 2 vs 2.