Funkoverse: Strategy Game – Funko Games – Review

This is my Game of the Year for 2019.

Steve Mayne



Theme and What is it?


The Funkoverse Strategy Game is a multiplayer miniatures strategy game. Players assemble a team of 1 to 3 figures, choose a scenario, and attempt to complete the scenario goals, gather points, and defeat their opponent’s figures.

In this review I’ll cover the rules of the system and how it functions as a game. I’ll cover the pros and cons of the game and how all the pieces work together. There will be more articles breaking down the individual sets and how the figures work in those. Which we will link to below.

Gameplay Mechanics


The Funkoverse Strategy Game uses a couple mechanics that are typical to miniatures games and a few that I’d not seen implemented here before. A match takes place on a battle map. There are two sizes of maps, a smaller map is used for games where you only have one figure but larger maps are used for 2 or 3 figures per team. You can assemble your team through draft or mutual agreement.

You’ll choose one of the two different scenarios supplied with each map. These will give you objectives and additional ways to score points. For example, in the Control scenario you’ll be moving to gain control of three areas on the board. At the end of each round a play will get 1 point if they control at least 1 of the areas. They’ll also score 1 point if they control more areas than their opponent. In addition to this, scenarios will give you points for interacting with areas of interest, eliminating opponents, and other scenario specific objectives.

On your turn you’ll choose a character that hasn’t activated that round and they will get 2 actions; you may choose the same action both times. You can move 2 spaces, interact with a space or objective, use an ability, use an item, or attack an opponent’s figure.

Attacking an opponent lets you roll dice to damage them. You’ll roll a number of dice equal to your base action or any ability you might be using. The defending model will roll dice equal to their defense stat. Dice have three potential faces. Explosions count as a hit for attackers, shields count for defenders, and exclamation points count as 3 successes for either side. If the defender wins then they avoid the attack. If the attacker wins the opponent is downed. If the opponent was already downed, then they are removed from the game and place on the refresh track.

After a player takes their turn the opposing player chooses one of their characters that hasn’t acted and goes through the same steps. Once all characters have gone, you perform end of turn steps and move onto the next round.

The refresh track is one of the interesting items in the game. Whenever you use an ability, item, interactive space, or are removed from combat you’ll place the item, character, or marker on the board. At the end of each round everything on the track moves one space down the track. If it moves off the track it is returned to play.

To use an ability you’ll need to have an appropriate token in your token pool. Every character comes with 2 or 3 tokens of different types. These are collected in a pool at the beginning of the game. When using an ability you’ll place the appropriate marker on the indicated space on the track.

Players will continue taking turns until one player reaches a set number of points based on the number of characters per side.

Initial Impressions


When I first heard about Funkoverse, I was surprised and curious. I went and looked into the game and was really fascinated by it. I was immediately drawn to the ability to mix-and-match characters from different settings with what felt like a solid rules set.

Game Build Quality


The pieces of this are quite simply fantastic. All the cards and character sheets are clear and easy to read. The rules are well written with good examples of play and procedure. The boards are beautiful with fun little bits hidden throughout. The custom dice are solid and chunky, the gemstones used for victory points are good quality and made with fun set appropriate colors, and the cardboard is all nice thickness that punched out easy.

The figures are all great quality. The paint jobs are nice and they have the same level of quality that Funko puts into its Pop figures. The minis in the game are slightly smaller than traditional Pop figures so they can fit on the board without taking up too much space.

Each set has at least one item that can be passed around by the different games. Items have all been designed to be held by the character that was given the item so it’s easy to spot which character has which item.

In short, the quality and care for this product was evident.

Artistic Direction


The art direction in the game is great. The cards use pictures of the figures or equipment pieces that they represent. The graphic design of these is on point and makes everything easy to read at a glance. We never had to look for any particular bit of information.

The boards themselves have a nice style with lots of character and fun. Small bits of trivia were hidden around the different pieces that made them stand out.

Fun Factor


This is a quick, family friendly, competitive miniatures game. It’s kid friendly and works in groups. While 2 player is probably the best, it was easy to add extra players to a side and have fun with them. The game flows well, and the system is easy to learn.

Age Range & Weight


The box says 10+ and I think that’s pretty accurate. This is especially true if you start them with one character and let them get used to it before adding in another. The rules for the game are pretty straightforward and easy to follow along with. Though some strategic decisions might get past them in their excitement to knock another character out, they should be able to follow along pretty well.



This is my Game of the Year. I love playing this. There are a couple of things that make this game amazing. First is the gameplay. The rules flow well and make sense. It’s easy to drop into the game with very little explanation and know exactly where you are at any time. Even with that you can have tense games where you need to plan what you’re doing and how you’re going to move forward with your next turn. While you can go in and win by just pummeling your opponent, the player who pay attention to the objectives will do better in the long run and I love that. The use of the ability tokens makes for fun gameplay. You’ll want to mix heroes with similar tokens for your team so they can share tokens but at the same time, it’s nice to have an off hero who may synergize better.

Second, is having family style miniatures games of your favorite characters. You can buy just the DC Comics sets and have a great time having Batman and the Joker fight one another. That is a perfectly fun game with lots of great moments for the fans of these series. You’ll get to have great moments where, as my brother put it, “The Joker slapped the taste out of Batman’s mouth.” This was done when he rolled a seven on three dice compared to my zero. If you love one of these settings, it’s a good game to play for fans who love these characters.

Third, mixing the sets is a ton of fun. As much fun as it is for Morty to go ham on Rick, it’s more fun for Morty and Rose to team up to destroy Robin and the Joker. You will get some fun pairings with each character and item being its own thing that can be recruited to your team. Rose Nylund armed with Harley Quinns Hammer or Catwoman with a Cheese Cake. Want the Joker with Rick’s portal gun or maybe it’s time for Batgirl, Catwoman, and Harley to team up and slap some sense into the guys. These match ups make this game sing.

I saw two people talking about the game and one of them asked what the point of having the Golden Girls as a set was. He then asked if you were intended to combine them with the other sets. The look of pure wonder on the other persons face is what makes the game the amazing thing it is. The combinations of these characters is where this game lives.

Finally, the speculation of future sets fills me with giggles. I don’t know where they’ll go with this in the future but I can’t wait to see. I hope that the fact that we have DC Comics sets and not Batman sets means we’ll see more of the Justice League at some point. I can’t wait for marvel to get in on this and give us Deadpool so I can team him up with Dorothy Zbornak. Hell, I want to pair Godzilla and Bambi. I hope they release rules for raid bosses and release a set where we face off 3v1 with one player running Darkseid and the rest of us using three figures each.

One of the reasons I think it was brilliant that they released the Golden Girls as a set was because it has opened up the possibilities from the beginning. With DC Comics and Harry Potter we know we’d be getting huge blockbuster level properties such as Marvel, Disney, and Ghostbusters, Paramount Monsters, and such. Rick and Morty opened up cartoons with things like Scooby Doo, Power Puff Girls, and Family Guy. The Golden Girls gives us hints of the more surprising. I find myself hoping for the A-Team, MacGyver, Perry Mason, Frasier, and the Brady Bunch. The mixing of figures works so well that I’m thrilled that Rick and Morty are a set and I don’t like the cartoon all that much. Hell, I want to hear in the comments who you want to see in the game. I’ve heard some rumors and if any of them are to be believed I’m very excited about the future.

My final word on this is that I really love this game. I played it with my niece and my brother. She’s 10, and he doesn’t like board games that much. We all had a ton of fun. The rules were easy enough for her to hold her own and keep up with what was going on. We even hacked the rules to play a game where each of us had two figures and went free for all over points on the board.

As always, try before you buy. Head to a local game store and see if they have a demo copy can you give a run to. Heck, if I’m nearby and have a set available I’ll be happy to teach you to play.

However, if you’re thinking of grabbing this for someone for as a gift this holiday season, they will most likely be quite happy to have it.

That’s it for now. As always, Be Well.