Funkoverse: Strategy Game DC Comics 2 Pack – Funko Games – Review

This is still a fine set to play just as is, especially if you’re doing it to determine if you want to try the game and use this as an introduction.

Steve Mayne



Theme and What is it?


This is a standalone expansion pack for the Funkoverse Strategy Game. It uses characters from the Batman/Gotham City comics. There’s an additional review for the Funkoverse system which I’ll link to below.

What does it add?


This set adds two characters, a double-sided map, a new item, and a couple of new missions. The characters added are Robin and Catwoman. The map features the standard Arkham Asylum on one side and the smaller one character Catwoman’s Penthouse on the other. The game includes two token characters, the Inmate and the Guard. A Whip is included as the item for this set.

Robin is a support hero. He works with another character thanks to his Sidekick ability. At the start of the game he designates one character as his partner. All of his abilities use the partner status allowing Robin to move to or attack with his partner. While his abilities are all expensive, they also have lengthy cooldowns, meaning you won’t be able to use them for some time.

Catwoman is a good character for focusing on objectives. Her defense of 1 makes her easier to beat in a challenge but she has a couple of different tools to allow her to get around the board. Her Cartwheel allows her to move four spaces once per turn, she can move an opponent’s items to the cooldown track with Even the Odds. The “Second Chances” ability let’s her make a second attack if she misses. Her passive let’s her respawn anywhere the other team can’t see her. This gives you the ability to take objectives and be in places where the other team can’t easily reach her.

The Whip allows you to make a ranged attack. If it’s successful, then you may move the target. This lets you push things out of range, into and out of traps, or away from Catwoman allowing you to make an escape.

The map is nice. Catwoman’s penthouse has some nice corners and funnels into the center for solid dust-ups. The Arkham Asylum map has nice routes with blind rooms that you can get stuck in with good movement flows allowing for more tactical play. The maps both have some fun easter-eggs planted around them. On the Arkham map you can make out who was assigned to each cell.

What does it fix/ break?


This game doesn’t really add anything to the game as a whole. The rules remain unchanged.

Do I want this?


There are two reasons to grab this. First is if you’re a Batman fan and want to play these characters. It’s a fun way to run them and the lower price point makes this a good way to try the game with a low entry. The second reason you might want this is to mix it with other sets. These characters work very well added into a common pool with the rest of the figures.

Do I need this?


I like this set. It’s fine by itself though I think these two characters benefit more from having other characters to play alongside of. While the non-character tokens work fine, I think Robin’s Sidekick and Catwoman’s ability to grab objectives works better with more character’s covering their backs.

This is still a fine set to play just as is, especially if you’re doing it to determine if you want to try the game and use this as an introduction. However, I feel like you’d be better off adding this to the DC Comics 4 Pack, or mixing it with the other sets. Partnering Robin with Rose Nylund or giving Catwoman Rick’s Portal Gun can open a lot of options to your gameplay.

As always, try before you buy. If you haven’t played the game, I recommend heading to your local game store or con and seeing about grabbing a demo. If you already have some and just want more, then you should be fine grabbing this on spec.

Until next time, be well.



While this set isn’t particularly necessary unless you want to add more diversity to your games, it’s a new map, missions, and characters to have fun with.