Funkoverse: Strategy Game DC Comics 4 Pack – Funko Games – Review

I had fun with the characters and the way they play together.

Steve Mayne



Theme and What is it?


This pack is a standalone expansion for the Funkoverse Strategy Game. It focus on characters from the Batman/Bat Family comics. There’s an additional review for the Funkoverse as a whole which I’ll link to below.

What does it add?


This set adds 4 DC Comics characters, focusing on the Batman/Gotham City heroes and rogues Gallery. You get Batman, Batgirl, Joker, and Harley Quinn. The set also includes two token characters for different scenarios, a Police Officer and a Henchman. There are also two items included in the set, The Mallet and a Batarang. A double-sided map is also included featuring Gotham City and the Jokers Amusement Park.

Batman is a tank and brawler. He plays best in the front line fighting multiple opponents at once, taking advantage of his Caped Crusader passive that gives him a bonus defense die when adjacent to two opponents. His abilities include a Grappling Swing that lets him move quickly and attack a foe. His other abilities help him stand quickly and hit harder.

Batgirl is a fast response support striker. She moves quickly and can get into and out of combat. Her abilities One Step Ahead, Flying Tackle, and Flip Kick all build in a bit of movement with some damage. She also comes with the Gather Intel ability that makes her allies abilities cost less.

The Joker is all about area control. Several of his abilities revolve around Mystery Boxes. These are booby-traps he set’s on the board and can detonate remotely. He can us boxes to block off areas or help to set control of various areas on the board. His Joy Buzzer attack is useable to set out a high amount of damage quickly to standing opponents.

Harley Quinn is a slugger who does her best while facing down the opposing team. Harley also pushes opponent figures around, her abilities Feign Distress and Outta My Way move her foes around. When she has multiple figures near her, she can attack all of them at once.

The Mallet item allows whoever is armed with it to transfer one shield into an attack symbol. It’s a passive item that works well with any of the bruised characters. It especially plays well with Harley Quinn.

The Batarang allows you to perform a challenge 2 attack at range. It functions great with mobile heroes and on maps where you need to move around a lot.

The two maps in this set are both nice. They build and work around the themes and the art is quite nice. The Amusement Park has a lot of open space with a couple of blind alleys and some blocking walls that give you places to force out your opponents. Gotham City has lots of corridors, rooms, and long streets that cause the fights to move around and give you different avenues of attack.

What does it fix/ break?


This set doesn’t change the rules or add anything to the system.

Do I want this?


This comes down to how much you like DC Comics or want it to work with the other sets. If you want a good Batman game with some fun characters, it fits well into that space. If you want it to mix with the other characters, then it fits with that as well.

Do I need this?


While you don’t have to have this set to play, I think it’s nice to have one of the 4 character sets for the larger maps. The 2 character sets have a lot to offer but the larger maps are nicer to play on.



I like this set. I had fun with the characters and the way they play together. Joker and Harley make a great fun team with him laying traps and her pushing and pulling opponents into them. Batman and Batgirl have similar synergies with her movement and his power. That said mixing them with other sets is lots of fun. Adding in the other DC Comics set adds Robin and Catwoman and there are fun synergies there as well. When you expand it past that into the other sets it gets even better. Blanche Deveraux with a Batarang is a thing of wonder.

I like this set and had lots of fun with it. I think Funkoverse works great as individual sets as well as a full system. If you like Funkoverse and wonder if it’s worth it to add more figures, I think yes. If you’ve not played Funkoverse and you want to know if it’s a good game then I’ll point you towards our full review. However, as a shortcut I do enjoy it.

All of that said, I recommend you try before you buy. Head to your local game store or con and see if they have a demo copy you can try. However, if you can’t do that and just want to jump into it then I don’t think you’ll regret the decision.

Until next time, be well.