Funkoverse: Strategy Game Golden Girls 2 Pack – Funko Games – Review

they did an impressive job of making these figures feel like the characters and fit into the game.

Steve Mayne



Theme and What is it?


This expansion for the Funkoverse Strategy Game focuses on characters from the Golden Girls Television Show. There’s an additional review for the Funkoverse as a whole which I’ll link to below.

What does it add?


Similar to other 2 character sets this one adds 2 characters, a double-sided map, and a new item. The 2 characters added to the set are Rose Nylnd and Blanche Devereaux. The item added to the game is a Cheesecake. The map features the Beach House on one side and the Boardwalk as a smaller 2 character map on the reverse. It also includes 2 token characters; the Life Guard and the Gentleman Caller.

Blanche Devereaux functions as a debuff hero. Her ability Devastatingly Beautiful lowers the number of dice rival characters roll in challenges. Southern Hospitality and Hi, Boys, allow her to manipulate positioning on the board. Her final ability, Flirt, reduces the opponent’s ability token pool.

Rose Nylund is a front line tank. Left alone Rose will devastate an entire team. Her ability Thank You For Being A Friend allows her to give the Friendship status to nearby teammates. She can take a basic action after the friend is targeted with a challenge allowing her to move or retaliate against whoever attacks the character. She has a long cooldown strength 4 attack. She can use Story Time to move allies closer to her. And her passive St. Olaf’s Favorite Daughter allows her to strike back after a challenge against her if she’s still standing.

A character with the Cheesecake can get back in the fight faster, allowing them to stand up as an action instead of using their entire turn.

The map sides are fun and allow for interesting options. The Boardwalk is open with lots of movement options that let you move around and work towards a more tactical solution. The Beach House side is close in with lots of rooms that feed into the center. This map forces more fights and will be more open to brutal melees.

What does it fix/ break?


This expansion doesn’t add or subtract anything new to the rules that aren’t found in other sets.

Do I want this?


I suppose this is the big question for this entire system. Do you need the Golden Girls? This is a weird one. I appreciate this set for what it stands for and what it does. It’s a promise of anything that could be made appropriate to the game in the future. We’re not going to see just action heroes or crime fighters; everything is available.

Do I need this?


While you don’t need any of the sets to add to your collection, I’d argue that these are some of the more fun characters. These two models add a punch to your games and really ramp up the stories that come from it. I will forever tell the story of the time Rose Nylund and Morty beat the Joker like he owed them money.



I’d be hard pressed to think that fans of Golden Girls are clamoring for a strategy combat game featuring these characters. However, I think they did an impressive job of making these figures feel like the characters and fit into the game. If you want more options, these are a great addition to the collection.

That said, this is a fun addition to the game. I like adding them to the other sets and seeing what happens when you get them mixed in. I honestly think they’re worth having. If you like the game and just want more figures to ramp up your crew these are fun additions.

As always, try before you buy but if you’re adding them to an existing collection, then I think you’ll be fine.

Until next time, be well, friend.