Funkoverse: Strategy Game Rick and Morty 2 Pack – Funko Games – Review

As a whole, Funkoverse works well and everything plays well together. I think adding these sets together is where they really start to sing as a game.

Steve Mayne



Theme and What is it?


This expansion for the Funkoverse Strategy Game focuses on characters from the Rick and Morty Animated Series. There’s an additional review for the Funkoverse as a whole which I’ll link to below.

What does it add?


Like other 2 packs this adds 2 character, Rick and Morty, Ricks Portal Gun, and a 2 sided map with Blips the Chits Arcade on one side and the Smith house as a smaller 2 character map on the other. There are also 2 token heroes a Robot and an Alien.

Morty is a goal-oriented Support hero who is best used to grab objectives.  His I Dunno About This allows him to move and interact or assist as a single action, He can refresh ability tokens off of the cooldown track to expedite other actions. His ability Moral Compass adds an additional yellow token to the pool which gives you access to more actions for your team but limits Morty’s best attack. Violent Outburst is 4 die attack that can only be used if there are no yellow tokens left in your pool. While the ability has a low cool down of 2 the extra token Morty brings makes it more difficult to use reliably.

Rick is a support hero. His action Get Schwifty allows him and an action ally to perform basic actions. Belch can move opponents around. Irresponsible Genius and Wubba Lubba Dub Dun add special Rick Sanchez Status Cards to allies. All of these cards give you a one-time bonus that can boost your ally’s actions by quite a bit; usually adding 2 dice to a given challenge.

Ricks Portal Gun allows you to place a portal token on the board. This token is treated as part of your starting zone for the purposes of respawning. It can allow for quick returns in control matches.

The two maps on the board add some interesting variants. The Smith House has lots of paths through with close corners and quick edges. There multiple ways across the amp to reach the other side. The Arcade side his wide open with lots of room to maneuver and narrow passages around the edges. Both maps allow for good all-around actions with lots of room for combat as well as good tactical action to get to and from objectives.

What does it fix/ break?


This set doesn’t really add or remove anything from the base rules. I suspect that will be true of all the sets to start with.

Do I want this?


I think this set is good for fans of Rick and Morty who want to have a quick one off fights over the afternoon. However, if you want to add this to the overall collection, I think this is where the game really shines. In either case, I think these are decent reasons to add it to your collection.

Do I need this?


While you don’t need to have these figures to enjoy the game, they can enhance your set to make for a more robust set of options.



I enjoy this set. I like this game in general and had so much fun adding in these characters. Everything works well together and the extra choices in characters, items, and maps was fun to play around with.

Personally, I’m keeping this set and adding it to my collection and I don’t like Rick and Morty all that much as a show. I don’t feel like enjoying the base property is necessary to enjoy adding these figures to your collection. Rick partner’s incredibly well with mobile characters like Harley Quinn and Batgirl. Morty functions great with bruisers like Batman and Rose Nylund. Actually, Rose, Morty, and Robin are a brutal team that just spikes a ton of hurt into a room.

As a whole, Funkoverse works well and everything plays well together. I think adding these sets together is where they really start to sing as a game. That said, if you just want to run Rick and Morty against one another these are pretty good fun. It’s also got the promise of releasing more of the characters as figures later down the line and I imagine that will be just as much fun to see.

As always, try before you buy. Head over to a con or your local game store and see how everything works together. On the other hand if you’re just adding them to an existing set these are pretty good additions.

Until next time, be well.