TABLETOP TWOSDAY – Get Off My Land – First Fish Games – Review

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Get Off My Land! is light, quick, and funny.  I recommend it for those who get a kick out of some silly art and redneck humor.

Matthew Kearns


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Theme and What is it?


Grow your farm and protect your land, crops, and livestock from the others.  Over the course of a year in Get Off My Land!, make improvements, mend your fences, and stake your claim for victory.

Gameplay Mechanics



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The goal of Get Off My Land! is to achieve the most money based upon the final conditions of your farm (crops, livestock, secret farmhouse victory conditions, etc.).


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All players choose a color and take the fence tokens and meeples accordingly.  Everyone starts with $8. Establish the first player. Set up the land and farmhouse tiles as indicated in the rules based upon the number of players.  Shuffle the fence card based upon the number of players and deal two cards to each player. Set up the market by shuffling the market cards based upon the number of players and the groups they belong to, stacking in order from top to bottom A, B, C.  Finally, set out the month tracker.


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The game takes place over the course of 12 rounds (months).  During a round, each player has two actions to use. He can the actions in any order and may use the same action more than once, except for using a fence card to place/move fences.  The actions a player may take on his turn are: Logging, Playing a Fence Card for Actions, Playing a Fence Card for Fences, Go to Market, and Harvest.

When Logging, a player turns over one of the forest tiles.  These tiles can have immediate effects (listed at the bottom of the tile) and ongoing/end of game effects (top right of tile).

Playing a Fence Card for Actions has the player execute the listed action(s) or choose one or two actions to take depending on the card.  These actions range from getting special bonuses in the marketplace to breaking fences on another player’s farm.

When Playing a Fence Card for Fences, the player may add fences from his fence pool to the play area or move them from existing locations in the play area.  It is by placing fences that a player expands his farm and may even attempt to take over another player’s tile on his farm.

When players Go to Market, they purchase a card from the marketplace.  These cards are livestock, crops, or equipment. To be able to purchase a card, a player must have enough money but must also be able to place it in his farm area.  When a card is purchased, the other cards slide left to fill in space and a new card is added at the end of the market.

Performing Harvest actions is how players earn money.  To Harvest, turn over a mature crop or livestock and get its value (card + bonuses from other cards) in money from the bank.

Once all players have taken a turn in a given round, the first player token is passed and the month marker moves down the month tracker.  There are symbols on the month tracker that indicate additional special actions (change immature crops/livestock to mature versions, discard certain crops, flip over equipment cards, etc.).

Though this game generally plays 2-4, there is a rules sheet for playing solo.  A single player can choose to play against one or more AIs. Set up the tiles and play like normal.  The AIs follow special rules regarding fence cards and how to execute actions.

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Initial Impressions


The look and theme reminded me of a couple of other games and so I had high hopes for it.  Who wouldn’t want to head out to the backwoods to start a farm?  You can almost hear the banjos playin’!

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Game Build Quality


The components of the game are either cardboard or cardstock. All cardboard pieces and tiles are sturdy and well-made. The fence cards are typical playing cards while the market cards are a little flimsier than would have expected compared to the rest of the components. The box is of typical make and the insert nicely contains all the components but some of the slots don’t keep them contained well so don’t shake the box or stored it sideways lest you have a mess when you open it again.

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Artistic Direction


All of the components are consistent in their artistic approach and look great. The cards are especially fun and unique.

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Fun Factor


Just like the art, the card names and actions are thematic and hilarious. With all the options you have and the quick pace keeps the game moving and exciting.

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Age Range & Weight


The age range is 14+ but the game could be played someone younger. The game takes some strategy but the limiting of two actions per turn and quick playtime keeps the game light and easy to play a couple of times in a night.

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Get Off My Land! is light, quick, and funny.  I recommend it for those who get a kick out of some silly art and redneck humor.

The only thing my group thought could improve the game was to get three actions instead of two, if not at the start, at least halfway through.  It would increase the likelihood of player making attacks against each other, letting the game live up to its name. In the games we played, we were focused predominantly on logging, going to the marketplace, and harvesting and not engaging the whole game.  Anytime an action was given over to trying to take another player’s land, it was late in the game (sacrificing harvesting) and always failed because we collected so many cards to use for protection.

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