Hammered Heroes – Kinetic Energy Productions – Review

"Grab a pint with your magical friends and have a bar brawl with cards!"

Theme and What is it?

Hammered Heroes is a take that card game and it “was designed to get your drunk friends into card games and your card game friends drunk.” Grab a pint with your magical friends and have a bar brawl with cards!

Gameplay Mechanics


Shuffle three decks: Quest, Hammered Heroes, and Cheap Shots

Deal five Heroes and 5 Cheap Shots to each player.

Flip the first Quest Card. Each Quest has a win condition which is High card wins or Low card wins.


Each player selects a Hammered Hero Card face down. In turn order, each player reveals their hero and resolves the character ability, if there is one.

After each player selects a hero, the battle begins! Players take turns playing Cheap Shot Cards on their own or other players’ heroes. During this battle, Cheap Shot Cards can replace heroes or the value will become higher or lower on heroes or many other things. Play continues until all players wish to not play Cheap Shot Cards. The winner of the round is whichever hero best fits the win condition.

During the game, players will gain Party Fouls from various things. This means, players must roll the Party Foul Die and if they roll the skull, they receive a Party Foul. When a player has five Party Fouls they are out of the game completely. Ties are always broken with the Party Foul Die.

After five rounds, players add up their Quest Card points and a winner is declared!

Initial Impressions

The game was designed and meant to be played as a drinking game. Any excuse to lighten up our group with some adult beverages is good enough for me. I made an adult beverage concoction and we were ready to go!

Game Build Quality

The game has three decks of cards, two dice and black, plastic tokens for the party fouls. The card decks are made from good card stock. The tokens are nothing extravagant but do not really need to be. They serve their purpose. The box is sturdy and all the components fit nicely inside.

Artistic Direction

There is various artwork throughout the game. The box art differs slightly from the card art. The box features what appears to be a magical brawl that includes a drunken wizard, warrior, bard, and an orc. They must have arrived after adventuring for a good time. Most of the artwork is on the Cheap Shots and Hammered Hero Cards. It is very comical. Another thing I thought was creative, is each Quest card has a drink recipe on it. Drink up!

Fun Factor

Hammered Heroes was an instant hit with my group. We, normally, do not go for the party games, but we enjoy drinking every once in a while and lightening the mood. Combine that with a take that card game and it was a lot of fun.

For me, the game was not about winning but only good fun. For my friend, it was about winning and later realized he probably was not having as much fun as we were and lost some quests and received more party fouls (you have to drink when you lose a quest or gain a party foul). In the end, my friend still won. He was just late to the party.

Age Range & Weight

The Hammered Heroes box suggests for ages twenty-one and older. This is, obviously, because of the drinking aspect. You can play the game without the drinking variation. I don’t believe it would be as fun this way, but it can be. The content suggests more of an adult presence but teenagers could play. This game is light weight but I hope you are not!


Who doesn’t love a good drinking game? And who doesn’t love fantasy themed games? If you love both, this is for you. I had a good time playing this and just cutting up with friends. We started our day off with this one and ended it feeling quite well. And then stuck with medium weight games the rest of the day.