Hyperspace Kickstarter Preview – Petersen Games

"Umpth Degree.Petersen Games wants to design the highest quality games out there, and do it to the highest possible degree of reason. Hyperspace looks like it will be no exception. "

Theme and What is it?

In a universe where statistically, bipedal hominids are in the minority, Sandy Petersen has created a space adventure that rigs true in his heart.

Space necessarily should be full of creatures that are more centipede, than Predator. In Petersen Games first space exploration 4x, the galaxy has been created to better reflect that idea, and as always, though the universe seems infinite, any creature with intellect wants to battle it out over finite resources.

Gameplay Mechanics

In classic 4X nature, you will have a set number of things you can do any turn, and will have three actions per turn that you may take these actions. You can battle, build, move, produce, research, salvage, and/or self destruct units.

You will keep going around the table, until someone has scored 15 points. At such a point, that person can end the game, and final tally’s will be done, or they can allow game to go on, and final tally’s will be done when they or someone else ends game later.

There is a reason not to end the game when you have 15, someone else may already have 16 or more. It is a risky endeavor to be first to end the game.

Initial Impressions

Petersen Games are known for their high production values, and for their depth of analysis a turn will take. This game comes initially with a 53 page rule book, of which currently 14 pages are dedicated to the base game rules, with additional information and questions being answered in appendices and index’s.

Initially, this game, is a bit scary to setup. There is a lot of “stuff”.

Game Build Quality

Umpth Degree.

Petersen Games wants to design the highest quality games out there, and do it to the highest possible degree of reason. Hyperspace looks like it will be no exception.

Even the preview box has a production value higher than many games in their final retail version. I expect the game that backers will see will be an even higher quality yet.

Artistic Direction

I am a self-professed art nerd.

When I see cool art, I gush. I am gushing. Petersen Games have brought a level of artwork that is reserved the the biggest coolest games, and brought it to you in the form of cardboard goodness.

The art of this games feels galactic and space-y. It is as it should be, and that is a high compliment in the board game sphere.

Fun Factor

The degree of fun you’ll have is directly correlated to how much you like big boombastic 4X games. The one major upside compared to many 4X games, is a lack of upkeep phase, which means the game keeps moving. This is supposed to translate into a shorter playing time. (In our defense, our playthroughs were done as first timers, so our times are probably not indicative of actual play time.)

Age Range & Weight

14+. This game ha some serious depth of analysis, and I think Petersen Games has justly made the game 14+.


Earth and water. In other words, Hyperspace needs some table space. It looks great on the table, and will likely spark your imagination to some extent, if you like the space theme.

You can now pledge on Kickstarter until February 23rd, by pressing the above link. The question is simple, do you boldly go where no Arthropoda has gone before?