Imhotep: The Duel – Kosmos – Review


Whether you are ultimately successful is not so much about luck, but rather, whether your opponent is a horrible human being. I love duel style games, and have many horrible friends to enjoy them with.

Josh Hale



Theme and What is it?


Nefertiti and Akhenaten are building monuments to themselves for their own greater glory. You will take on the role of one or the other, and build to celebrate yourself, as the obviously most glorified deity.

In a pure two player based game, you will strategize to make the most victory point gaining monuments, and to prevent your opponent from doing the same.

Whether you are ultimately successful is not so much about luck, but rather, whether your opponent is a horrible human being. I love duel style games, and have many horrible friends to enjoy them with.

Gameplay Mechanics


Think Tic-Tac-Toe with evil intent. 

So you are placing one of four meeples in 9 spots. You are not interested in Tic Tac Toe mechanics, you are like the original game, going to be shipping out goods. 

You also get the choice to ship the goods “East” or “South”. So one meeple will, possibly, when placed go one direction, or the other, depending on if you ship it, or your opponent does. 

It has a LOT of the feeling of the original Imhotep to it, and when your opponent ships something that you don’t want shipped to a particular port, it can be agonizing. 

The game will be decided on monuments like the original and each monument is scored differently. You can truly, mess up your opponents plans. 

This is not without risk, as your opponent can then just place the same meeple again, if they REALLY want a spot. You could waste your entire game, giving your neighbor take that moments, only to realize, you truly gave your opponent take that moments, which lead to higher victory points than you.

Initial Impressions


I have to admit, when I opened the box, I was a little sad not to see the great wooden blocks that existed in the first Imhotep. They just felt so good. 

I don’t know how they would have implemented my wants, but I think the want was valid. Wood please.

I know this will distress Kosmos, to some extent, because my first impression was meh, but as I was taught as a child, one cannot judge a book by its cover.

Game Build Quality


Despite my initial reaction, the game makes a LOT of sense in the build. All resources, are blind, and you only see them when they are flipped. They therefore, look like stone. 

The entire game is meeples and cardboard, and all is serviceable to a nice quality dual game.

Artistic Direction


The box looks identical in style to the original Imhotep, down to the coloring. I liked the original, and frankly I like the sequel in dual form.

This is a game that makes the playing on the game, part of the art. I am a huge fan of that style of art. It seems to go unnoticed, and it should not. 

It means the artist put a lot of love in the art and design, enough that you may forget about the art while playing. They have done their job very well in board game art. 

Fun Factor


How evil are your board gaming friends? This is a duel game, which means there is a LOT of player interaction. 

This is to be expected. I personally like that style of play. Some take that, some done been took.

The style is VERY reminiscent to Imhotep. If you liked that you may like this also.

Age Range & Weight


10+. I think the suggested age range is nearly perfect.

My daughter can play with me, but does not always get end game scoring. 

So a year or two, and she would probably beat the socks off me.



Concluding, Imhotep the Duel is like a great game of cards. Satisfying, and you want to play again. 

To me, that is winner winner chicken dinner. 

I have started to build a shelf of games, built for two people. This game, easily makes the grade. I will play it as often as my evil friends allow me. It is possible, I am also a bit evil and will send their meeple to the most undesirable ship. 

For the price point, this is a no lose proposition, if you play two person games.