Khan Of Khans – Chaosium – Review

If you like press your luck games, you won’t be disappointed with Khan of Khans.



Theme and What is it?


You are Khan of your tribe. It is your duty to make sure your people have enough meat to survive. To do this, you must travel to the Plains of Prax and raid areas to collect as many cows as you can. But beware. If you get too ready, you may end up going home hungry and ashamed.
Khan of Khans is a press your luck game for 2-5 players set in the world of Glorantha.

Gameplay Mechanics


Each player selects a Khan. These Khans all have unique abilities that can be used throughout the game. Next, each player receives a number of cattle corral based on the number of players. The goal of the game is to get the most cattle safely stowed into the corral. 
Players take turns drawing cards from 10 different regions on the Plains of Prax. Each region has cattle cards, enemy magic cards, stampede cards and champion cards. If players draw a cattle card or champion card, they lay it face up in front of them. On their turn, players can choose to draw another card or move their cattle into a corral. The move to the corral can only happen once and then no other cattle can be saved in that corral (unless unique Khan abilities allow that to happen).
If players wish to press their luck, they can continue to draw cards. Negative cards like stampedes and enemy magic will reduce their herd or even wipe it out. 
After all the cards are chosen from all the regions, the game ends. Players add up the total of all the cattle that were saved in their corrals. The player with the highest total wins!

Initial Impressions


Quick read through of the rules, quick set up and we were ready to go. Khan of Khans is a super easy game to learn. I had my 7 and 10-year-olds playing it in no time. They are both very familiar with press your luck games and knew to take appropriate risks. 
The game moved at a great pace and provided lots of laughs. We were able to sneak in a couple of games before bedtime because it played so quickly.

Game Build Quality


The build is what you would expect from a smaller box game. The cards and cardboard are all made to last. I didn’t have any hesitation playing it with my kids. I guess you could sleeve the cards if that is your thing.

Artistic Direction


The artwork is wonderfully whimsical. I enjoyed checking out all the cards and so did my kids. It is very light hearted take on the Glorantha world. I would say it is much more cartoony than I have seen for the other artwork for Glorantha when doing research for this review. I still liked it and thought it fit very well with the nature of the game and made it even more entertaining.

Fun Factor


Like all press your luck games, the real fun is when people totally blow up a good thing by being too greedy. I love that! Khan of Khans does a great job of making those moments even more funny because of the art. You can’t be too upset that you got all big eyed over lots of cows and forgot to use your brain when you see the hilarious caricatures. 

Age Range & Weight


Khan of Khans is rate as 9+. If kids are used to games and have tried press your luck before I think you can play this game with much younger players. My 7-year-old loved this game. I mean LOVED it. For days after playing it for the first time, he asked anyone that came by the house if they wanted to learn it. I am sure you can probably go even younger than 7 and be safe. Plus, it will teach them some great math skills and risk-taking lessons.



If you like press your luck games, you won’t be disappointed with Khan of Khans. It is super easy to learn, making it a great gateway game. It plays in 15-30 minutes, making it a great filler game. It can play up to 5, almost making it a party game (usually that is 6+ for me). Lots of reasons to check it out.