Kibble Scuffle – Wizkids – Review

It was such a surprise to find this game to be so catty and strategic.  I had no idea there was so much depth by looking at the box cover.

Heather Swanson



Theme and What is it?


Kibble Scuffle is a game of herding cats to ensure your feline friends eat the most kibble.  There are only 3 bowls of food and a lot of hungry cats.

Get your cattery to the choice of food and run off other players’ cats.  With all the different personalities cats can have this will be a challenge.  Maybe you’ll need some distractions….robo vacuum?…  Laser pointer?

Beware, this game can bring out some catty behavior from players.

Gameplay Mechanics


The fundamental mechanism in Kibble Scuffle is a type of area control.  There are only 3 dishes of cat food and many cats.

Each player has their own deck of cards but only five cards are drawn at a time.  Players take turns choosing one of these cats from their hand and setting them at a bowl.  Once 5 cats are around a dish they begin eating.

Different cats have different abilities and players may also play an item card with a cat at a bowl.  These abilities and items cause all kinds of havoc for the best-laid plans of cats and men. Or was it mice and men?

In any case, Kibble Scuffle is a feeding frenzy of well placed and well-timed cat powers.  Unfortunately, once there are 5 cats around a bowl there is a pecking order….and only 4 kibbles to go around.


Initial Impressions


Kibble Scuffle looked like a cute game my younger kids might like.  I was thinking the 14+ age requirement must be just because of small parts.  I was soon to find otherwise.

I was drawn to it by the cute idea of a box of Kibble and cat dishes.

Game Build Quality


Everything in the box is of good quality.  The Kibble is colored wood.  The cards are sturdy and the food bowls are thick cardboard.

However, there is one drawback.  The box is meant to be fully emptied and then used as if it were a real box of cat food.  I thought that was the cutest darn thing!  Then I found out the little pour spout was persnickety.

There is a cardstock type paper spout on the box to let the cat food out.  I find the pieces get stuck and you have to shake the living daylights out of the box to get them out.  Then, they go flying everywhere.

I’d say the spout is a nice idea if it were not so flimsy and that hole was a little bigger.  It is cute but annoying.

Artistic Direction


The artwork in this game is just like the style in the Disney Aristocats movie produced in 1970.  Only, they didn’t have robo-vacs or laser pointers back then.

This type of artwork has had an effect on everyone I’ve played with.  They feel like they have seen it somewhere.  It pulls them back to childhood but they can’t put their finger on why.  Once I mention Aristocats it all immediately clicks.

Fun Factor


It was such a surprise to find this game to be so catty and strategic.  I had no idea there was so much depth by looking at the box cover.

The fun comes in watching other players build their plan.  Then, you slap down a robo-vac scaring all the cats away to another bowl.  You just foiled all their plans!

Granted, they usually have an equally good response.  It is the suspense of trying to get things lined up where you want them before someone messes up dinner plans.

There are special priority cats that get to eat first.  They also prevent other priority cats from being at the same bowl.  Things can get catty when players start trying to run these cats off from a bowl.

It isn’t just about getting the Kibble.  The different colors of Kibble score the different amount of points.  Some cats are clumsy and make the bowl spill out contents.  Some are greedy or sneaky.  The food may not always stay put the way one would like.

Bottom line, the suspense, and unpredictability is fun.  Can you get your cats to the best food first?

Age Range & Weight


Despite the cartoonish artwork, Kibble Scuffle truly isn’t for kids under 14.  That is because of the type of strategy involved.

Understanding how the cards affect each other and the bowls of food is not an easy thing to grasp for young strategists.  They will get raked over the coals playing with older teens or adults.

The concept of getting cats to the bowls to eat is simple.  You play a card and stop to feed on a dish once there are five cats around a bowl.  That’s easy!

The subtle finesse of using items and cat powers make this game deceivingly more difficult.  I’m not saying it is a heavy game but it certainly is one involving strategy.



Kibble Scuffle is a great short card game with lots of charm.  It is going to be something you want to play when you are able to focus.

I do not recommend this game for kids or they will become frustrated.  It looks like a kids game but it isn’t.

Also, this game is not good for dogs.  Apparently, my dog did not get the memo saying this box was not filled with Kibbles ‘N Bits!  Darned pooch chewed up one of the food cubes!