King Frog by BrainGames Review

Theme and What is It?

Programming in a kids game. Brain Games seems to like games that teach future game mechanics to our littlest Meeples. It’s a great idea.

In this game, you have 5 cards, each of which are used to go a specific number of space. The idea is simple enough, that a kid could play it! If you land on the wrong color, due to space requirements, you lose the card. Whoever loses all their cards first is knocked out. Simple mechanic that teaches the idea of programming a la Colt Express.

Gameplay Mechanics

Cards determine how far in a circle you can go. All flip their card at same time. The game is simple and easy to understand.

Initial Impressions

I like Brain Games look. They are all clean, the art is nice, and the quality is good. I want to like this.

Quality of Components and Insert

Brain Games put out high quality games. The construction is done in such a way that the games should last a long time. This is no exception.

Artistic Direction

The wooden frog meeples are just plain cute. The box is cute. The whole daggone thing just eekkkssss out cuteness.

The intended audience is kids 7+, and this may be just on the edge of being too cute for them. I, however, as a parent think it is great. It reminds me of the Cookie Monster.

Fun Factor

This is where this game falters. Unless my reading of the rules was incorrect, the game stumbles on the plain old fun-factor. We did not find this to be super fun, it was just ok. The programming was low risk, low reward. I think the rules could be changed slightly, and it would add to the fun, but as it stands, it just doesn’t wow me.

Difficulty and Age Range Suggestion

The game is rated at 7+. As a programming game, I think this is likely to be appropriate.


I want to like this game. I do. I just am not overly enthused by it. It is cute, overly so possibly. The game however, just doesn’t scream Brain Games. It lacks the fir and polish of the Brain Games that were recently sent to us. Out of the three titles, this is the title I would be most hesitant about. I hope that I read the programming part of the directions properly, as I think planning out a few turns, could easily change this title into a much more exciting game.

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