Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor by Overworld Games

Theme and What is it?

Set in the universe of Jamey Stegmeier’s creation, Euphoria, leaders are either benevolent, or well, always toxic, even if benevolent, they are only in it for themselves. It kind of sounds like politics here in the US for, well, since forever.

This game is designed to pit leaders and followers of two factions against each other, and oh, yeah, if you die, you become a third faction hell bent on death to the respective leaders.

Will the cannon sized plastic minis be enough to shoot your way to victory? Or will a more cunning approach be the way to wile your way to the winner’s circle? It’s time to pick a better oppressor.

Gameplay Mechanics

Each turn you take one of a few actions, and you either learn information, use a power, hide information or shoot. Ultimately this is a social deduction game, and I believe it had some good ideas. It was not particularly intuitive, to me, but once playing it plays well enough.

Initial Impressions

I love Flash Gordon. Anything with that aesthetic automagically draws my attention. The ray guns here did just that.

I presume some others feel the same way, or were drawn into the Euphoria mythos. It scratches both itches.

Game Build Quality

The game build is great, though some components were kickstarter only. I really love the look of the guns, though they do feel quite light.

Artistic Direction

Here is where LoE shines. The art is all well thought out, it appears to transcend the line between game and the Euphoria universe. I like the direction of the art so much, that although I am not huge on social deduction games, this one will stay in my collection for the aesthetic.

Fun Factor

For me, this is where LoE falters. It could be my reticence to enjoy social deduction, or it could just be that for me, the theme was not as fun as it was pretty.

Age Range & Weight

I think most any person, adult or child could play this game, and kids will love the guns, if you splurge for them. Enjoying the game, I think may take many plays to fully immerse yourself in the mythos.


I truly wanted to enjoy LoE, so much so that I kickstarted the game. Sadly, I just didn’t. If you love the art, it belongs on your shelf for the art alone, but I would say you must be a person that TRULY loves social deduction type games for this one to call out to you.