Little Monster that came for lunch and stayed for tea – Strawberry Studios – Review

"Each monster has been crafted for maximum cuteness. 
It makes me think of the massive amount of emojis we currently see in everyday life, except better. "

Theme and What is it?

Your team of Little Monsters are hungry. Your job is to feed them. They will eat of each plate on the table until they are full. They are after-all, little monsters.

An asynchronous powered game for kids, that an adult could find amusing enough to play more than once.

Gameplay Mechanics

Generally speaking, you are using Monster powers first, drawing a card, and then making 15 points of card value to have enough food to make the monster move. 

Once you have chosen these cards, you will discard until you have less than 15 points of value, and will have to resolve all cards that are still left in played hand. These are where the game shines. Draw 2 cards, discard one, move all monsters forward one. You have to decide which cards to keep in leftover hand. These powers can be fairly brutal, and are not over mean. 

Initial Impressions

I cannot really say my initial impressions, as it is more geared towards a child liking the art. With that being said, I brought home several games that were geared towards that audience. Little Monster was the only game that my daughter asked for us to look at and review. It hit a note with her, and that is the whole point of the art in a game like this, to get a child to say they want to see more.

Game Build Quality

The game has some nice standees, and the rest is all cards. It is not the fanciest of games, but does exactly what it wants to do, create an engaging game about monster eating habits. So in my book, the quality is just fine.

Artistic Direction

The art is where this game excels. It drew my daughter to it immediately, made me at least curious, and is just fun to see. Each monster has been crafted for maximum cuteness.  It makes me think of the massive amount of emojis we currently see in everyday life, except better.

Fun Factor

As a game geared towards family or kids, there is always a different perspective to me, is it fun for my child, while not making me need to find some wine?

These Little Monsters, are fun, they are cute enough and well enough balanced that they make a game an adult can enjoy, and that a child can win. I think there is just enough of an amount of complexity that allows an adult to over think, and for a kid to still beat up their parents. This is a win-win.

Age Range & Weight

8+. The age range seems just about right, due to the variable powers that each monster brings to the game. It is likely a child, if played enough, would pick monsters based on the powers they like, decreasing complexity significantly. 


Cute is the new horror. It has already been happening in games this year, and reminds me of all the themes that have run their course before. For now, this cuteness does its job to create interest among kids. This would be a great gift, as it would spark a child’s imagination when they open the box. 

For me, that is the style of game that makes me want to play more games with my daughter.